A programme to govern Italy

We want to create a civil revolution to implement the principles of equality, freedom and democracy in Italy’s Constitution.

We want a “new direction” in economic and social policies, starting from the Mezzogiorno, an alternative to the inequity and corruption of the twenty years of Berlusconi, and the destruction of social and labour rights, and the environment that has characterized the Monti Government.

We want a Civil Revolution

For a Europe of rights. Against a Europe of economic and financial oligarchies. We want a Europe that is independent from financial power and a democratic reform of its institutions. We are opposed to the Fiscal Compact that [will force us to] cut [Italian government] spending by 47 billion euros a year for the next twenty years, weighing on workers and disadvantaged groups, destroying welfare and other social provision, accentuating the economic crisis. The Italian public debt must be dealt with through equitable and radical economic policies, aimed at the development, starting with the ending of the high interest rate. Alongside GDP there must be an indicator that measures the social welfare and the environment;

For the rule of law and a new anti-mafia policy that has as its ultimate objective not only the containment but the elimination of the Mafia, which must be hit in its financial structure and in its relations with other power structures, starting with politics. An all out struggle against organized crime, corruption, the restoration of the law on false accounting and the integration of environmental offences in the Criminal Code are necessary to deliver economic development;

For secularism and freedom. We affirm the secular state and the right to self-determination of the human person. We are a culture that recognizes difference. We abhor femicide, we will oppose all forms of sexism and want gender democracy. We will oppose homophobia and we want recognition of the civil rights of individuals and couples, regardless of gender. We will oppose all forms of racism and are for the citizenship of all persons born in Italy and welcoming immigration policies;

For jobs. We do not want a precariat. We stand for national collective agreements and for the restoration art. 18 [that states that workers cannot be fired without just cause and, if fired, can sue their companies to be reinstated] and for a law on representation and democracy in the workplace. We want to create jobs through investment in research and development, industrial policies that bring innovation to the production system and the green the economy. We want to introduce a minimum income for the unemployed and the unemployed. We want Italian wages to increase starting from measures to raise tax threshholds [for the lower paid] and exemption from taxation of the thirteenth annual payment. We want to defend health and safety in the workplace;

For small and medium enterprises, artisans and agriculture. Must begin with a great revival process of the country, freeing business from organized crime, the stifling bureaucracy. There should be tax incentives for companies that invest in research, innovation and create permanent jobs. Excellence in Italian agriculture, fashion, tourism, culture, the green economy

For the environment. We should change the current model of development, which is responsible for climate change, an unlimited consuming of resources, poverty, inequality and wars. The greenfield land and the natural landscape should be protected, projects like the high speed train project, TAV, in Val di Susa and the bridge over the Straits of Messina, Sicily, should be stopped. So should the privatization of public services and other common goods, starting with water. Quality agriculture, free from GMOs, should be encouraged, biodiversity and the rights of animals protected. Jobs should be created through a plan for energy efficiency, development of renewable energy, protection of the land, and sustainable transport that cuts urban air pollution;

For equality and social rights. We want to eliminate the property tax, IMU, on first homes, but extend it to commercial real estate, banking foundations and the church, and establish a wealth tax. We want to stop tax evasion and reduce the tax burden on medium to low incomes. We want to strengthen the public, universal health system and launch a support plan for people who are not self-sufficient. We affirm the right to housing and want to see the restoration of existing buildings. We want a cap on the highest pensions. We want to repeal the Fornero pension counter-reform, eliminating the serious injustices generated, starting with the question of “esodati” [Italians who retired during a kind of twilight period created by pension system reforms leaving up to 350,000 without a wage or pension].

For knowledge, culture and free information. We affirm the universal value of schools, universities and public research. We want to ensure that each and everyone has access to knowledge, because only then you can be free and conscious citizens, restoring meaning to art. 9 of the Constitution, by enhancing training and research. We want to boost Italy’s cultural, historical and artistic heritage. We want a democratic reform of the information and broadcasting system that breaks with the subordination to the economic and financial power. We want a law on conflict of interest and the end of party control over the board of directors of RAI. We want free Internet access, free for the younger generation and broadband spread throughout the country;

For peace and disarmament. We must restore the function of the army according to the letter and spirit of Article 11 of the Constitution, starting from the withdrawal of Italian troops engaged in overseas war. We want to see international cooperation and Europe must take action for peace and disarmament, in particular in the Mediterranean. Military spending must be cut, including the cancellation of the order for F35 fighter-bombers;

For a new ‘moral question’ and another politics. We want the ineligibility of convicts or those indicted for serious or financial crimes, or crimes against the public administration. We want to eliminate politicians’ privileges, the daily allowance for MPs, impose a rigid cap on the remuneration of the regional councillors and introduce the two-term limit for parliamentarians and councillors. We want a new era of democracy and participation.

Rivoluzione Civile



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