To the Central Committee of AKEL

Dear comrades,
The party executive of the German Communist Party (DKP) sends from its first, constitutional meeting after our 20th congress fraternal greetings.
From one of the main imperialist centres of the European Union, we observe with great sympathy the fight of the working people of Cyprus against the blackmailing dictate of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the EU Commission, which wants, in league with the new rightwing government of your country, to off-load the deep crisis of the financial and monopoly capitalism on the wider masses.

The policy of the “Troika” stands in the tradition of the colonial and neo-colonial oppression and exploitation of Cyprus. It aims against the national sovereignty of those states and people on the peripheries that are kept in economical and political dependency by imperialism and that shall be degraded to service providers and markets for the major capitalist powers.

The crisis of the European finance, bank and currency system is not simply the failure of single politicians, financial institutes or “greedy managers”. It is an expression of the laws of capitalism, and the planned steps to halt the crisis also follow the logic of capitalism, which is to privatise the gains and to “socialise” the losses.

The resistance of the Cypriot people against the anti-social arrogance to hold people with small income and the owners of small savings liable for the crisis of the capitalist finance and banking systems has its first partial victory.
Under the pressure of the mass protests and demonstrations, organised by AKEL, EDON, PEO, POGO, EKA and other progressive organisations, the Cypriot parliament stopped the plans of the rightwing government.

This is an important message for all the people of Europe: the resistance and the protest against the arrogant and anti social plans of the German imperialist dominated politics of the European Union is not in vain!
The unity of action of the working class movement and the alliance with the broad non-monopolistic sections of the population can force a correction of the course.
In this fight, we German Communists stand on the side of AKEL and the other progressive forces in Cyprus.

We feel encouraged to continue and intensify the resistance in our own country against the anti-social politics of the Merkel-Schäuble-Rösler government. Also in the German Federal Republic the working people suffer under the anti-social attacks of monopoly capital, the gap between rich and poor is widening, the working people fear for the safety of their jobs and savings.

We send our solidarity and wish further successes.
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Party executive of the German Communist Party


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