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The Tory-LibDem government is attacking the living standards and democratic rights of workers and their families on a scale not seen in Britain since the 1930s.

It is an integrated, ruling class offensive to protect and expand big business profits. Resistance to this attack on incomes, jobs, public services and trade unionism has been sporadic, fragmented and defensive.

Industrial responses alone will not defeat such an all-round political offensive. Unity of action and purpose is desperately required in and around the labour movement.

The Call to the Labour Movement by the Communist Party makes the a series of practical proposals for action that can give shape and direction to our resistence.

Resistance to this attack on incomes, jobs, public services and trade unionism has been largely sporadic, fragmented and defensive. Industrial responses alone will not defeat such an all-round political offensive. Unity of action and purpose is desperately required in and around the labour movement. That is why this Call to the Labour Movement makes the following proposals:

Unite against austerity and privatisation  For unity to become a reality, trade unions, trades union councils, anti-cuts campaigners, socialists, Labour Party activists and progressives must work together on the broadest, most inclusive basis.

All who oppose the austerity and privatisation programme of this Tory-LibDem government should be welcome in anti-cuts campaigning. The focus of opposition must be on the current government and its policies.

We need to build durable militant movements of ordinary people in local communities throughout Britain.

This will help ensure that a strategy of rolling, coordinated and generalised strike action by the trade unions puts the maximum pressure on the government.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity on June 22 can play an invaluable role in building and uniting the resistance and winning people to an alternative.

Rally support for the People’s Charter  Policies for progressive taxation, economic planning, public ownership, public investment and an independent foreign policy for Britain can safeguard public services, jobs, living standards, our environment and peace.

Supported by the TUC, the TUC Women’s and Trades Councils conferences, the Scottish and Welsh TUCs and many individual trade unions and local trades union councils, the People’s Charter provides the basis for an alternative economic and political strategy that puts the millions before the millionaires.

Every labour movement organisation should affiliate to the People’s Charter and help promote it.

Campaign for trade union freedom  Industrial action by trade unions to defend jobs, incomes and public services needs to be coordinated and generalised as widely as possible, with every effort made to secure popular support.

The Tory-LibDem government, employers and the courts are now opening a new front of class warfare against trade union and employment rights and facilities. Based on the trade union movement, the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom provides the focus for a united response to this anti-trade union drive in the interests of working people and their families.

Promote the Charter for Women  As low-paid and public sector workers, lone parents, carers and service users, women are being hit particularly hard by austerity and privatisation measures. Supported by the TUC Women’s Conference, many trade unions and the National Assembly of Women, the Charter for Women proposes policies to win genuine equality at work, in the labour movement and in society as a whole.

Solidarity against EU austerity and privatisation The Tories, UKIP and sections of the big business media fully support EU-wide attacks on people’s living standards and public services. But they want to protect the City of London casino and its US backers even from feeble EU regulation.

For the labour movement, the key demand must be to restore to parliament in Britain the power to protect jobs and industries, to take the utilities and transport back into public ownership and ensure that they are run in the public interest.

We also need to support workers across Europe who are fighting for these powers, against the EU and its Constitutional Treaty commitment to ‘an open market economy with free competition’ (Article 98).

Oppose militarism and war Britain’s involvement in an endless series of wars to protect British and US big business interests is not protecting democracy or human rights here or abroad. Military spending should be reduced to average European levels and diverted into civilian production. Britain’s nuclear weapons should be scrapped and the subservient military alliance with the US ended.

Bring down the unelected Tory-LibDem coalition  This regime was cobbled together at the behest of Tory paymasters in the City of London. Nobody voted for a coalition. Most people voted for parties (including the LibDems) that claimed to oppose the current austerity and privatisation policies.

Putting an end to this government before it does even more damage to our society is a democratic duty.

The only realistic alternative to the Tory-LibDems is a Labour government, which underlines the immediate need to fight for Labour policies that serve the mass of the people.

We urge all who broadly support this this Call to the Labour Movement to win support for its positions throughout the labour and progressive movements. Use it to unite and ignite opposition to the Tory-LibDem government around the positive alternative.

Executive Committee Communist Party

May Day 2013


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