On 5th of May, 2013 Hefajote Islam (a grand alliance of Islamic extremists) and Jamat-e-Islami’s armed militants attacked the Central Office of the Communist Party of Bangladesh(CPB) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They charged strong bomb to destroy the main gate of the party office and entered the car parking at the basement of the building and set fire.

During that time the general secretary of the Party and other comrades were working at the office and they had been rescued via roof of the building. Due to this fire 5 cars belongs to the party and mass organizations was burnt. Many valuable documents of the party totally destroyed. The terrorists not only burnt party office but also set fire on adjacent government offices, banks, shops. They robbed nearby shops and ATM booths during this attack and also attacked on duty police and other members of law enforcing agencies. Immediately after attack party comrades from different part of the city rushed and tried to stop the fire and assisted firefighters.

At a press conference held on 7th May at 12pm at the damaged premise of the office,  the CPB president Comrade  Mujahidul Islam Selim strongly condemned this attacked. He said, religious fundamentalist Jamat-e-Islami was the mastermind of this preplanned and deliberate attack. They took the advantage of pre-declared rally of other fundamentalist forces. Also the main opposition Party of the country ultra-right BNP was also responsible for this attack since they helped Hefajote Islam. One of the main reasons of this attack was that CPB is a sincere and consistent fighter for secularism and for the trial of War Criminals of 1971. Since the war crime tribunal gave verdict on some particular cases the fundamentalist forces want to stop this trial by creating anarchy and violence. Attack on CPB was a part of that conspiracy.

Accusing the government CPB leaders said that the government has totally failed to provide security of life and properties of its citizens. They demanded immediate ban of politics of religious extremists, confiscation of their bank account, assets and properties etc. CPB also demanded immediate punishment of this attackers and compensation for the victims of this attack. The Party will hold countrywide protest rally on 8th May.


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