Resim 123

They wanted to furtively pocket extra profits. While plundering Istanbul, they tried to stall off the people.

They attacked. They used chemical weapons. Their masked monsters attacked furiously.

Αnd they managed to exasperate the people.

Currently in Istanbul thousands of people fill the streets opening to the Taksim Square.

In İstiklal Street, Harbiye and Dolmabahçe thousands of people have gathered and tens of thousands of people are on the roads trying to join them.

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people girt with determinacy and legitimacy.

We call whole Istanbul to leave their homes.

We call the tens of thousands of people that the government is trying to suffocate and stop to trust our comrades redirected to Taksim.

We wish a fast recovery for those who were traumatized.

We call the government to do immediately what the slogans chanting in the streets of Istanbul demand: The government should resign.

You picked a civil war in Syria and your policy crashed and burnt.

Now you declare war against the people of Turkey. This will too crash and burn but this time only you will be held responsible.

Defeat the AKP.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP)

Central Committee


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