From the Communist Party of Turkey

Leaders of professional associations and political parties were detained yesterday (10 July). Erkan Baş, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey, Kamil Tekerek, İstanbul Secretary and member of TKP Central Committee, Erçin Fırat, spokesperson for the Federation of Idea Clubs, Çağlar Özkan, head of Kocaeli City Unit and many party members and friends were among the people detained.

TKP member Alican Sünnetçioğlu and two friends of the party, who had been detained last Saturday after the police attack, have been arrested on charges of wearing safety helmets.


In a letter to the world labour movement the Turkish comrades say:

The resistance, which is mainly against Prime Minister Erdoğan and his party, and in which millions of people has taken part since May 31, goes on in various forms despite the warm summer.

Although this authentic and historical movement is open to leftist tide as and event o socialism, it is formless and is not able to go beyond national values and symbols as the unifying  factors.

The Communist Party of Turkey struggles to strengthenth is enormous movement and at the same time endeavors to give class character to it and turn socialism into a concrete alternative. Doing     this, the party is careful not to let the movement shrink in terms of the participation of masses.

We are aware that this is a very difficult task. But we know that revolutionary opportunities a real ways the outcomes of complex social conditions.

TKP is cautious to do all that this historical moment requires, to defend its program and the tenets of Marxism-Leninism without been isolated from the popular movement. In contrast, the party is trying to do everything to lead this movement into a revolutionary path.

We would like to thank all our sister parties, which have conveyed their solidarity when, for instance, our 14 comrades were taken under custody and when our comrades were injured during the assault of the AKP government.

Weknow that you are with us in this struggle.

Our party is using everymeans to inform you about what is going on in Turkey. Please, do not hesitate to get in tocontact with us if you have further questions or need further information.

Long live internationalism,  long live socialism!

Central Committee 
Communist Party of Turkey

Our response to the dictator

The reign of “Gezi Park Terror” for the last month and a half by the government has continued yesterday by shutting the park to the public again and more detentions.

All these reveal the cruelty and the desperation of the public officials who act under the lawless orders of the dictators. It is now clear to everyone that the people do not bow down to tyranny. The Communist Party of Turkey does not lend credence to the nonsense of the dictator. Our response to the scandal of detentions and arrests will be to get even better at what we have been doing.

1. TKP gives a lot of importance to the “Government, resign!” slogan the people have been shouting for weeks now. We will organize this demand by the millions; we will raise it to a higher level and stand up against the dictator with even more strength. We are calling on the people to participate in the “Government, resign” petition, to spread this demand and to organize around this demand.

Whatever the orders by the dictator may be, we are warning the members of the judiciary on not signing any lawless decrees. TKP is determined to reveal and bring shame on everyone who appeals to police and judicial terror. Members of the judiciary should not engage in acts that they will later be put to shame. All detained should be released immediately and all orders for arrests should be revoked.

TKP’s drive for organizing that started in June continues full speed. Clearly, the Security Directorate, some public prosecutors and judges have decided to participate in this drive. We have decided that for every single day every TKP member are kept under detention or arrest with their rights and freedoms violated, the unit of that member will be given the task of getting five new members to join the Communist Party of Turkey. It should be known that there will be new comrades on duty to fill the gap in the struggle that they try to create by detaining and arresting TKP members.

TKP has emphasized over and over that the people behind the slogan “Government, resign” should not be left without an option. When the people who don’t bow down puts in place their own alternative for power, the end of the dictator will come even faster. TKP will intensify and raise its struggle in this direction by organizing public meetings everywhere and do its full share of work to create the alternative.



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