The WPC denounces strongly the plans of the USA, France, UK, Turkey, NATO and their allies of Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to attack Syria on the basis of the alleged use of weapons of mass destruction by the Syrian government.

The global peace movement and the WPC have experienced these dirty tactics several times before. The imperialists used the same false pretexts in Yugoslavia in 1999, later in Afghanistan and Iraq, then in Libya in 2011. The aims were always related to the goals to control spheres of influence and resources, to violently change regimes and install willing and “friendly” ones.

The WPC has many times expressed its principled positions on the right of every people to determine freely and democratically its future and path of development and this is more than valid also for the case of Syria that is the target of local and foreign reactionary, fundamentalist forces, hand in hand with mercenary groups from the entire region, sponsored, trained and supported by NATO and its local allies in the Gulf and the Middle East.

The Imperialists were planning the escalation for a long time in Syria, using Turkey as a springboard for the preparation and infiltration of armed gangs while installing NATO Patriot Missiles near the Turkish-Syrian borders.

The European Union played its part through political and economical sanctions against Syria in full coordination with the USAand Israel, who are cynically discussing the options to openly attack Syria and Iran in the future.

The current pretext that Syria used chemical weapons is as false as similar allegations in Iraq and Yugoslavia. The peace loving forces are used to the mechanism of provocations, fabrications and lies. Aims of the imperialists and their global media are the subjugation of the peoples in the region and the implementation of their plans for the “New Middle East”, the exploitation of the richest region in mineral resources. The growing aggressiveness of the imperialists in the region goes hand in hand with the attack against the peoples’ rights, their sovereign rights for non-interference in their domestic affairs. All governments of NATO and EU share responsibility at this moment in face of the planned crime against the Syrian people.

The WPC condemns the plans to openly attack Syria and expresses its full hearted solidarity with the people of Syria.

We call upon all members and friends of the WPC to be vigilant and organize protests in all countries under the slogans:


Hands off Syria- No to the imperialist plans in the Middle East- Solidarity with the peoples of the region

The Secretariat WPC– August 28, 2013


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