The Lebanese Communist Party calls for full alert  to face the zionist imperialist attack on Syria also calls all the communists to be ready to resist the attack in all possible method

Beirut 29/8/2013

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) followed up, with high level of concern, the announcements and declarations of the American leaders, the politicians and the military ones, its allies and some Arabs who are calling for war against Syria. Also LCP is following up the condensed military movements in the region which are taking place on the background of accusation of chemical weapons crime against civilians in Al Gota.

The Political Bureau of the LCP sees these military preparations for attacking on Syria are targeting to continue the destruction of the economy and military of Syria and more killing and displacing of the people of Syria using excuses that are marketed by the imperialist administration and its followers. These excuses and lies are the same ones which are used to attack Libya and Iraq before it because USA by itself has the biggest record in breaking the international laws. Morals and humanity never prevented USA from killing thousands of people for sack of imposing its hegemony and controlling the wealth of the Arab people.

The Political Bureau of the LCP sees in targeting Syria, today, targeting all the Arab countries and its people. The goal of this targeting is a compensation of USA, and its allies in the region, after the Arab people has achieved a progress especially in Egypt, the will of the people and the goals of the revolution and overthrow of the Muslims Brotherhood rule. It also targets protecting the Israeli enemy and reactivating its racist aggressiveness function in the region, to release its economical and political crises on the account of the people of our region, escalating civil wars to implement its project in fragmenting the region, controlling it and eliminating the Palestinian cause. That is why the Political Bureau of the LCP considers facing and resisting this imperialist aggressiveness is a national responsibility and calls all the progressive, leftists and democratic forces in the Arab world and in the world for not staying silent. It calls for effective movements in all forms, on popular and political levels, to put pressure to stop this aggressiveness. Also the LCP calls for, in this frame which uncovers the mask of the international imperialism, especially the USA, all the national, progressive and leftist forces in Syria, whether in authority or in opposition, full alert in all their capabilities to face and resist this aggressiveness to build real base for national project which could establish national democratic and resisting state.

The Political Bureau of the LCP sees that Lebanon will not be apart from this aggressiveness and its consequences, so it must be on the head of who are resisting it. In this field LCP is calling the Lebanese government to quit being “neutral” and take a firm position against aggressiveness and employing all the capabilities of Lebanon, the internal and the external ones, to face it. Also it calls the political forces to stop their gambling on the aggressiveness and its consequences and stop being its echo.

The Political Bureau of the LCP calls the entire communist and their friends, and all the national Lebanese, to be fully alert and employing all their capabilities, the internal and the external ones, and being ready to resist this aggressiveness in all possible methods.

The Political Bureau

Of the Lebanese Communist Party



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