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An alternative economic and political strategy for 21st Century Britain
is now FREE

Earlier his year the Manifesto Press book Building an economy for the people was widely welcomed in the labour and progressive movement for its challenge to the consensus that has confined political economy to the options that the banks and big business will accept. 

Based on the policy agenda that Britain’s trade union and labour movement it analyses what is wrong with the British economy, arguing that the country’s productive base is too small, that the economy has become too financialised and that power has become concentrated on a narrow economic fraction based in the City. 

Edited by Jonathan White with contributors from Mark Baimbridge, Brian Burkitt, Mary Davis, John Foster Marjorie Mayo, Jonathan Michie, Seumas Milne, Andrew Murray, Roger Seifert, Prem Sikka, Jonathan White and Philip Whyman.

Manifesto Press is making this vital book available free. For your copy visit



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