direct from the Sudanese Communist Party

The repression by the thugs  of the regime on the increase   Sudanese Professional Alliance joins the fight   The Democratic Unionist Party abandons Albashir’s ship

Last Tuesday and Wednesday 2-3 September witnessed continued demonstrations in Umdurman, Khartoumand other cities and towns around Sudan. Youth and students took to the streets of the capital demanding the removal of the regime.

At the same time the families and friends of the detainees organised two sit-ins. The first one on Tuesday was in front of the security headquarters where hundreds raised slogans demanding the immediate release of political prisoners.

On Wednesday the same group with increased participation organised a second sit-in in front of the general command of the armed forces. Here slogans included the people’s demand for the overthrow of the regime.

The dictatorial regime continue to use its security forces and thugs against the peaceful demonstraters. According to human rights organisations eleven people were shot dead during the Tuesday and Wednesday demonstrations and over one hundred were injured – some very seriously. Over sixty activities were detained.

A witch hunt was conducted in the capital where houses of activists were attacked and over thirty of them were rounded up, some tortured and beaten by electric sticks. These last attacks were aimed at left wing activists mainly communists and Arab nationalists.

Human right activities reported that scores of dead bodies were found at the outskirts of the capital.This raises the issue that the regime and its security organs are killing people in detention.

The Sudanese Professional Alliance was established. It groups the the doctors’ association, teachers’ union, lawyers’ front, committee of university lectures, league of democratic doctors, alliance of democratic journalists and union of bank employees.  It is expected that other professional bodies will soon join the new organisation. In their first statement the Alliance expressed its willingness to join hands with the mass movent and called on its members to actively take part in the mass actions.

Mohamed Sid Ahmed, spokesman for the Democrtatic Unionist Party, issued a statement that the leadership of the DUP have decided to withdraw from its alliance with the present regime and that  all its representatives at different levels are resigning their offices.

It is worth mentioning that the DU Party was the second largest party during the last democratic election. It’s withdrawal is a major loss for the regime.

Press reports

According to press reports the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) issued a statement reporting that “the militias of the National Congress Party are the ones that carried out the burning and looting of public institutions: They use sabotage and arson, the same tactics as employed in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile state. There, villages have been burned and property of citizens looted, while during the demonstrations, armed militias used knives, machetes and petrol bombs in burning universities and boarding schools, and looting the property of the students.”

Arrests continue

Security authorities have arrested Ali El Kanin, member of the Political Bureau of the SCP, in front of his house in El Mohandiseen district in Omdurman. In Kosti, White Nile state, security agents arrested, during the past two days, Abdelmunim Abbas Ahmed Salih, Abdelgadir Magboul Ali Suleiman, and Mohammed El Haytham Ahmed Bilal. Salih was released after being tortured. Earlier, in Babanusa, North Kordofan state, other members of the SCP were arrested, including Ismail Abdelrahman Abdelmawla, Mohamed Matoug Sayed Ahmed, and El Sheikh Ahmed Biloul.

The security forces in Babanusa also arrested Mohamed Yousif Eisa, reporter of El Midan, the newspaper of the SCP. Eisa’s relatives said that security forces arrested him at the city market and took him to an unknown destination. Security agents had been watching his house and his movements for a week, following the outbreak of protests against the price hikes in Sudan.



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