PdA Parteitag

Meeting in Vienna the first congress of the new party follows on from deep divisions within the Austrian Communist Party KPÖ between protagonists of the European Party of the Left and more left wing and orthodox marxist lenininists that resulted in the formation in 2004 of Kommunist Initiative and its subsequent growth.

The new party has support from the existing Communist Youth and Communist Student organisations, some migrant workers and communist groups in Austria and sympathy from some sections of the KPÖ including from the electorally successful Styrian regional organisation where Communist votes in some towns reach 20%.


In its founding statements the PdA says it will” represent exclusively in contrast to the established parties, the interests of the majority in this country, those of the working population .”

It is anti-imperialist , internationalist , Austrian and Marxist- Leninist , says the draft policy document.

“It is time to continue the best traditions of the Austrian labor movement. It is time for the labor movement – in the changed circumstances of the 21st Century – to regroup and reorganise . It is time to take up the struggle of the workers’ movement against capitalism and imperialism and their destructive effects again.



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