Below is a crude translation of a statement by the Communist Party of Egypt

Three months have passed since the outbreak of the revolution of the Egyptian people on June 30 that carried out in order to restore their revolution hijacked by the religious right fascist.

The representatives of the people embraces with the armed forces, which carried out its will on the so-called “future map” that we have agreed upon with all political forces and popular that participated in the revolution. Despite our reservations on some points, and also on the nature of the formation of the transitional government, although our respect for its members, it can not be considered a revolutionary government, but it may considered as a government of technocrats, as long as most of its members believe in the market economy system, also they do not have the reformists with any degree of initiative and courage in the implementation of the urgent demands of the masses and the declared goals of the revolution. Which are summarized as follows:

First: the decisive confrontation with the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, and the prohibition of the activity of these groups and parties after proven terrorist practices,also their resolution and the confiscation of their funds.

Second: The version of democratic civilian constitution to achieve social justice.

Third: recovery of the economic situation and realize the urgent demands of social justice. Fourth: The complete map of the future benefits of the legislation allows the freedom to form trade unions and political parties and associations

Unfortunately, the government, despite its response after stalling to some of the most pressing demands , but it is exposed every day they are hesitant and trembling and helpless . This led of course to the aggravation of the situation and the Restless broad sectors of the masses and the growing outrage at the government’s performance , which requires the necessity of political pressure and media and public on the government’s immediate response to many decisive action in these basic things, there is nothing to justify any delay in implementing the judgment of the Court urgent matters , to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood party and the criminalization of solving activities and considered a terrorist group .. This should also applies to all groups and parties allied with it and that practice terrorism and trade in the name of religion because it is not logical to attack the Muslim Brotherhood and leave JI and her party or group Islamic Jihad , the Wasat Party , or Salafi groups and parties . The problem is not confined only to the Brotherhood , but must be comprehensive and decisive confrontations to guide the crushing defeat of this trend , who stood and stand in front of any political development and economic, social, cultural and scientific during the past forty years.

We deplore and condemn allow the government to Catherine Ashton, meeting with representatives of these terrorist groups banned by the Court its activities and condemn any foreign interference in our internal affairs. It also does not understand this comic meetings with the media adviser to the President with members of splinter groups from the Brotherhood.

Secondly: the government must not only issuing some decisions, such as the minimum wage, but it is important implementation in practice and legislation governing how to achieve these demands. We must take urgent action to reduce the maximum entry because this is the back door of the government and administrative corruption, as it is considered an important indicator of the seriousness of the government in achieving the most important goals of the revolution: a social justice. We must activate the “the pricing constraint” and face firmly monopoly in all areas, and cancel energy subsidies for monopolistic industries, also the instant recovery of the public sector companies by court ruling of its response to the State, and running public and private factories closed and prone to liquidation.

We note fear many powers and officials from ‘actions “the pricing arrest” and “antitrust” and “re-nationalization of companies and factories looted,” but we want to turn these actions into reality on the ground because the role of the state and its interference in the economy is essential to save the country’s economy and to achieve economic and social development with self-reliant, which is the basis for political independence and strengthen our national security.

While we applaud the role of the armed forces in the face of expiatory groups and terrorist attacks in Sinai and clearing the hotbeds of domestic and international black terrorism, but we emphasize that citizens in many of the villages and the cities of Egypt are suffering not only from religious fascist terrorism but also of criminal gangs and bullying. The Copts of Egypt also still lacking security in many provinces and criticize the unresolved security confrontation with fascist terrorism gangs and religious bullying.

For the Constituent Assembly to write a constitution , the masses also senses that there is evasive in attitudes and fluctuation in resolving some of the key roles . Despite our appreciation for the effort that the members of the founding committee as we declare our support their position to develop a new constitution and not modify or tinkering of the distorted Brotherhood Constitution , which was dropped by masses, but the re-discuss some of the things resolved by political forces and the demands of the revolution , and re- discuss the materials excluded until the Committee of Ten , such as Article 219 , and restore the Consultative Council and others, which are leading to a state of confusion , loss of direction that we want, and also do not understand pamper Nour Party and comply with their demands and not put it in size as a party hostile to the revolution and women’s freedom , thought, belief and creativity.

We emphasize the need for the survival of the remaining 50 % of workers and peasants in the elected assemblies , with a definition agreed upon by workers’ and peasant unions until there is a real representatives of all these layers . We believe that there is a positive trend for the attention of economic and social rights such as the right to health and education , but it has not been confirmed yet on the ground. We call for the support and development of this trend because more than four-fifths of the Egyptian people of the poor and hard-working . And therefore it must be the primary concern of the authors of the Constitution is to emphasize the rights of the majority crushed fire prices and the lack of jobs and low wages and lack of basic services after it became everything commodity: health, education and human himself in this savage capitalism .

The forces and left-wing parties to take concrete steps in the direction of strong unite because so many young leftists expressed dismay and anger at the delay in the announcement of the the Joint Command which may considered as late step of the dream of achieving unity . Here we see the integration of the liberal parties before the elections. Therefore, the Democratic revolutionary Alliance ” parties and forces of socialism” that seeks to create ” popular progressive mass ” alliance with the forces of Nasirism , nationalism and popular trend for the formation of a broad front -oriented national democratic progressive and leftist , edit balance the unbalanced situation in favor of right-wing forces , so that the left is strong and abble to face the competition in the next election , in order to achieve the goals of the revolution and the demands of the working class , peasants and the laboring masses.

3 October 2013

Central Secretariat  Communist Party of Egypt

3شارع البطل أحمد عبد العزيز –من صبري ابو علم – بجوار محطة مترو محمد نجيب – مركز آفاق اشتراكية تليفون: 23921315

بريد إلكترونى: cpegypt@gmail.com / الموقع الالكترونى: http://cp-egypt.com/ / تليفون: 01117278631

http://www.facebook.com/cpegypt https://twitter.com/CPEgypt



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