by Richard Maunders

Russell Brand’s interview on Newsnight with Paxman  last evening has really caused a stir, why? Because he called for a “Revolution” and a “Socialist society” in his own imitable way. It is quite entertaining to watch Paxman squirm and look very uncomfortable.

Already right wing  weasel David Aaronovitch has poured scorn as have other right wing demagogues


The Daily Torygraph has also had to counter with a comment from one of their right wing hacks


It’s amazing that because a comedian of Brand’s reputation in a 10 minute interview raises the spectre of Socialism the right wing media gets into a frenzy!   Tom Chivers gets the shakes over Brand’s words.

“And partly he worries me because, if this is how “young people” are thinking (Brand is five years older than me, chronologically, but I suspect he is a much better barometer of youth opinions than I am), then maybe he’s right and we actually are all heading for a revolution. We don’t need a revolution. A revolution would be a terrible, destructive, unnecessary thing. If we have a revolution, it will be because people, like Brand (or Right-wing mirror images of him), think that the world is going to hell and we need to tear it up and start again. It isn’t. We don’t.”

“Profit, he says, is not only a dirty word, it’s “a filthy word, because wherever there is profit there is also deficit”. Instead he wants a “socialist egalitarian system based on massive redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and huge responsibility for energy companies and people exploiting the environment”. “Until there is a genuine alternative, why bother voting?” he asks. “There’s going to be a revolution. This is the end. I haven’t got a flicker of doubt.” Doesn’t that give you a chill?”

If poor Chivers gets a chill over those views he will have a apocalyptic fit if the mass of people do turn towards Socialism. Let’s wish the sooner the better!

On to Socialism!


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