21C Marxism

This year’s annual festival of ideas, discussion, debate, learning and culture is being held in venues around Clerkenwell Green, London on Saturday 2nd & 3rd November. It comes at a time when austerity is working for the bankers & bureaucrats who run Britain! Now is the time for us to fight back, book today!

Discuss, debate, participate, learn
As always we’ve packed in a wide range of rallies, seminars, workshops across two days. Just some of the highlights include: Puncturing the Westminster bubble; Should Britain break up?; BRICS – a new pole for progressives?; Socialism, what’s in it for women?; The EU – exit left!; LGBT Struggles – past, present, future; For Peace & Progress in Palestine; Disability rights, our fight now; What does UKiP stand for; Women in struggle; On to a general strike?;  Is Marx’s analysis of class still relevant? Against cuts, for what?; Red star rising over Africa; Latin America in the firing line; The People’s Assembly – workers to the front. Download the complete programme to see the full range of sessions.

Speakers from across the globe
This years 21st Century Marxism features several leading international guest speakers from across the globe – not just from Western Europe and the US – as well as those from the labour and progressive movement in Britain. See the biographies of all speakers at this year’s event.

Culture @ C21 Marxism
Marxism isn’t just experienced through discussion and action – culture plays a vital role in exploring, popularising and educating. The Film Platform running throughout the weekend will feature brand new documentaries, never before seen archival footage and old classics. Sunday hosts Cultural Corner with renowned political, comedic poet Attila the Stockbroker as well as performances from festival attendees. Throughout the weekend there will also be several art exhibitions and stalls from labour & progressive organisations. With such a packed programme of events make sure you don’t miss out!


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