CZ results

In the Czech Republic legislative elections the Social Democrats emerged as the largest party by a narrow margin and failed in their attempt to gain 30%.

The main right wing parties – formerly the government before a series of corruption and spying scandals – saw their vote collapse with the main beneficiary a populist party ANO led by a millionaire.

The communists won a extra hundred thousand votes but failed to meet expectations raised by their high opinion poll figures and are now in third place. Expectations that the CSSD and KCSM might form a coalition or that the KCSM might support a minority CSSD government on an issue by issue basis have receded to the relief of the CSSD right wing.

New elections may take place if a stable majority cannot be formed– as seems likely if the maverick Andrei Babis refuses to join the CSSD in a coalition or if no other combination of parties is possible.

The newly formed party of President Milos Zeman ( a tricky opportunist who defected from the Communist party after the dismantling of working class power in the united Czechoslovakia and has also fallen out with the the Social Democrats) failed to meet the threshold

20.45 % ČSSD (Soc-Dem; 50 seats)

18.65 % ANO 2011 Andrei Babis´s Movement, Right-wing; 47 seats)

14.91 % KSČM (CP of Bohemia and Moravia; 33 seats)

11.99 % TOP 09 (Schwarzenberg; 26 seats)

7.72 % ODS (Civic Democrats; 16 seats)

6.88 % Úsvit (Senator Okamura; 14 seats)

6.78 % KDU-ČSL (Christian People´s Party; 14 seats)


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