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a most unlikely Communist

Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? Recent released FBI files still haven’t answered that question of Marilyn Monroe. Morning Star columnist Peter Frost tries to find an answer in a new book to be published on 1 December 2013.

COMRADE MARILYN – a most unlikely Communist.

Published by Five Leaves, £5.99 Paperback.

Just imagine how Middle America might have reacted to discover that its favourite sex bomb Marilyn was a communist.

If you believe the catalogue of scurrilous tabloid stories she had slept with Presidents – Jack Kennedy; his brother Bobby, scores of film stars male and female from Marlon Brando to Elizabeth Taylor.

However Marilyn’s image and the reality were as different as chalk and cheese. The supposedly dizzy brainless blonde actually had great intelligence and a real social conscience.

She never tried to hide her left wing political opinions. She was pro-union and anti racist. She campaigned against nuclear weapons and for civil rights.

At the height of the anti-communist witch hunts she worked with and eventually married communist playwright Arthur Miller. She employed communists and communist sympathisers at home and in her film production company. Her doctors and therapists were close to the Communist Party or indeed actual members.

After much campaigning and Freedom of Information requests some FBI files on Marilyn Monroe have been published.

The newly released files do show how frightened the FBI was that Monroe would be revealed as a communist sympathiser. In fact the film star had never been ashamed of her left opinions and her communist friends.

This new book sets Monroe, her life, art and her politics in the context of red-baiting America. It makes fascinating reading.


One thought on “Marilyn Monroe a communist?

  1. Marilyn Monroe as were many other film directors, actors and actresses either members of the CP or sympathetic to the left, anti-fascists and progressives. The list is large. Larry Parkes, Paul Muni, Zero Mostell, Sam Jaffe, Dashell Hammet, Gene Kelly, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Robert Ryan, Humphrey Bogart, Jules Dasin, Abraham Polonsky and mamy more during the thirties and forties stood were firm anti racists and produced some of Hollywood’s finest cinema . Until Hoover and his bagman McArthy hit with the inquisition of “communists and communist sympathisers”
    For a while Hollywood returned to the banal trite rubbisn movies although many left script writers, evaded the ban by writing by using a front, someone with another name.

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