Tolpuddle Sunday poster_Layout 1

Charting the tale of Captain Sqing through deportation and pardon with ‘Tolpuddle Man’ Graham Moore

His songs such as ‘Tom Paine’s Bones’ and ‘Tolpuddle Man’ have been sung and

recorded by some of Britain’s finest folk performers and his powerful performance

of traditional and original songs accompanied on guitar or English concertina has

engaged audiences, in concert, at home and abroad.

Accompanying himself on guitar or English concertina, Graham engages strong

audience participation and this uplifting performance includes songs from his

renowned folk musical ‘Tolpuddle Man’, which have entered the ‘living tradition’.

From the Captain Swing riots, to their final emigration to secrecy in Canada,

witness the struggle of six poor agricultural labourers who in 1834, through an

establishment conspiracy, were unjustly sentenced and transported for:

“…uniting together to preserve ourselves, our wives and our families from utter

degradation and starvation”

Arden Theatre

Lesley Smith Drive

Faversham ME13 8EB

Saturday 8pm 16 November

Free entrance

Sunday 17 November

7pm Arden Theatre Faversham

Online booking http://www.conversationpoetry.co.uk/#!tickets/cm3r or

call David on 01227 771121


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