Initiated by the Communist Party of Turkey and signed by a group of intellectuals, writers and artists, a statement calling for the establishment of a Left Front has been issued. With the daily soL newspaper as the media organ for this front, the number of signatories is increasing very quickly. The Left Front is expected to become a real political force against the reactionary government of the Justice and Development Party. The front has already created excitement and hope in society. The following statement by the first signatories was issued to explain why Turkey needs a Left Front.



Turkey is living the AKP nightmare. Turkey is going through the crisis of Justice and Development Party (AKP). Turkey is experiencing the AKP dictatorship and feeling the pangs of liberation from it.

AKP is a historical project of the imperialist regional plans, the domestic capitalist rule and the reactionary forces. Starting with Gezi resistance, all of this has been rejected by the society of Turkey.

As the workers, the youth, the women, the intellectuals, Alevis, Kurdish and all people of conscience, in other words, as all the progressive forces of Turkey and as a great majority, we have all rejected the reactionary dictatorship. What we are rejecting is AKP. We are rejecting the imperialist yoke, exploitation as slaves and the religious darkness.

It is not possible to fight imperialism, exploitation and darkness by preferring one over the other. We will not make concessions to bigots, ones who sell our country out or ones who attempt to buy it. We will not negotiate with zealots, exploiters and imperialists. Our people filled the streets with this determination. As our children ran to their deaths, the same determination was behind their courage.

However, precisely at this point, we are facing a political vacuum. Various political movements, parties, organizations either choose to overlook this totality in an attempt to find ways to reconcile with it or they are confused or incapable of embracing this grand popular movement.

We need a left front.

We, the undersigned, are calling on everyone to fight to end the dictatorship and move our country forward. As intellectuals and politicians who stand for the principles described above, we will stand together irrespective of political party and ideology. We will arrange meetings in every locality, choose representatives and establish the Front we need as soon as possible.

On for the Left Front!



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