Communist and workers’ parties across the world have agreed on 13 points for common action, Liz Payne reported to the Communist Party political committee on Tuesday evening.

These include events to mark anniversaries of the outbreak of the imperialist Great War (1914), the founding of the Communist International (1919), Lenin’s death (1924), and the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (1999).

Liz Payne recently attended the 15th annual meeting of 75 parties from every continent, which this year was held in Lisbon and hosted by the Portuguese Communist Party.

‘Lenin was right to say that the world has entered the epoch of imperialist war, national liberation struggles and socialist revolution’, she told Britain’s communists.

At the Lisbon meeting, speaker after speaker had warned of US and NATO military build-ups and manouevres in the Asia-Pacific Rim region, centred on the Indian Ocean across which passes 50 per cent of the world’s container traffic and 70 per cent of global energy supplies.

‘US foreign and military strategy is shifting increasingly towards containment of People’s China, integrating imperialism’s allies in India, Pakistan and the Middle East dictatorships into economic and military agreements designed to control vital international transportation routes and exploit China’s vast internal markets’, Ms Payne suggested.

‘The intention is to open up China for trade or for war’, she warned.

In the Middle East, the forces of neo-liberal imperialism led by the US and Britain had utilised political Islam to combat the left, undermine and fracture national sovereignty and provide the pretext for Western military intervention.

‘Opposing predatory war, supporting left and non-sectarian movements and securing Palestinian statehood are essential if the peoples of the Greater Middle East are to enjoy the fruits of peace, stability and social progress’, the CPB national women’s organiser insisted.

Britain’s communists welcomed the Lisbon meeting’s decision to use International Women’s Day next March to highlight the impact of capitalism’s economic crisis and austerity measures on women, children and families.

They also agreed to answer the call in Lisbon to step up solidarity work with the peoples of Latin America – especially Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia – and welcomed recent electoral advances by the Communist Party of Chile.

Closer to home, the CPB political committee committed the party to join an international day of action against the bans on communist parties and left-wing symbols in parts of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, in contrast to the licence enjoyed by openly racist and fascist groups in countries such as Hungary and Latvia.

Britain’s communists also decided to:

  •  Urge full support for the Stop the War Coalition’s international conference on November 30 and the People’s Assembly meeting for local groups on December 7.
  • Oppose Tory-LibDem government proposals for a commission of inquiry and an anti-nuisance law aimed at trade unionists and other campaigners.

Examine the implications of new policies on the role of the market announced by the Communist Party of China’s central committee plenum recently.


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