Communists have won in the student elections in Milan. Brian Barlocchi, a member of the national secretariat of the Communist Youth Front, and representative of the Professional Institute Lombardini, was elected president in the second city of Italy with 55% of the vote. The second candidate – tied to the Catholic Communion and Liberation won at 24%, while the right did not exceed 10%. The Front of the Communist Youth organization – linked to Italy’s latest communist formation Sinistra Popolare, was founded a year and a half ago. (How many communist parties does a country need? One is a sufficiency, two an accident, three a mistake and four an indulgence) “The nightmare of Berlusconi really seems really to have materialized” said the national secretary of the Young Communist Federation Alexander Mustillo “with a communist elected president in the city that symbolises the rule of Berlusconi, in the Italisn financial and industrial centre.


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