The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is following with concern the situation in the fraternal Ukraine. During the past 24 hours the street confrontation has intensified threatening to develop into mass blood spilling. The events that began as a peaceful rally of the so-called supporters of Euro-integration are developing under our eyes into an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of a sovereign state, another “orange revolution.” Several facts unmistakably reveal the hand of Western spin doctors in organizing mass unrest. This is not the first time that these gentlemen are provoking inter-ethnic strife by their malicious speculations.

The Russian and Ukrainian peoples have lived together through many a misfortune, and have scored many victories in battle and on the labor front standing shoulder to shoulder. The CPRF is calling on the people not to succumb to the provocations of extremists. A rift between our countries would do no good either to Ukraine or to Russia. We fully share the position set forth in the statement by the First Secretary of the Ukrainian Communist Party Central Committee: the responsibility for the escalation of violence in Ukraine rests not only with the authorities and the so-called “opposition,” but also with the Western emissaries who are trying to act as puppeteers pulling the strings in this dirty political game.

What is taking place has nothing to do with a popular revolution. Ukraine is facing another spiral of the spread of the “orange plague.” The true goals of those who are behind it are far removed from the national interests of Ukrainians. The experience of similar events in Serbia, Georgia and in the Middle East attests that the so-called champions of the ”democratic choice” are interested above all in re-dividing property, grabbing natural resources and markets. They do not need a strong Ukraine. Therefore these gentlemen are trying to drive a wedge between the Russians and the Ukrainians and to prevent the establishment of fraternal relations between Russia and Ukraine and the pooling of the potentials of our states.

The CPRF calls on all the healthy political forces in Ukraine to conduct a civilized discussion of the problems that have piled up. Manipulation of mass consciousness contrary to the interests of the absolute majority of the country’s citizens cannot be tolerated. The destiny of Ukraine must be decided by the whole people and not by those who have brazenly usurped the right to speak on its behalf.


Presidium of the CC CPRF

Moscow, 2 December 2013


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