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According to a new Guardian/ICM poll, 70% of people have not felt the benefit of the economic recovery the Coalition is so eager to boast about. Indeed, new data from the Office for National Statistics has shown that wage rises have fallen short of the pace of inflation for five years running and British workers have seen their wages slashed by £5,000 during that time.

But despite the fact most of us are not feeling better off, Boris Johnson is making the cost of living even higher in London, and as fares rise, workers in some areas of the country will be forced to shell out 23% of their wage to use the railway network.

The government may also be failing to engender support from young people, as the retirement age for those born in the 1990s is set to rise to 70 years old.

We’ve gone into more depth on a wide range of stories this week. Click through on the stories below to read more.

New on the Coalition Timeline

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Pay and Benefits

  • Boris under fire for exploiting workers
  • Osborne denies pay stagnation
  • Tory ‘edged out’ for supporting higher asbestos compensation
  • Businesses given power to regulate the regulators
  • Tories would consider scrapping Human Rights Act (11/12/2013)

Health and Safety

Increasing vulnerability in the workplace


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