Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Sunday 5th January at Islington Pensioners Forum,

1A Providence Court, Providence Place, Islington, London N1 0RN

In May 2010 the governing Jamaica Labour Party unleashed the army and police onto the community of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, a JLP garrison (stronghold). Official reports stated that 77 residents died during the onslaught. However, reliable eyewitnesses testified that over 250 persons were killed, with some reported as being summarily “executed”.

The ostensible reason for this action was the government’s need to capture and extradite to the US their onetime ally, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

In May this year Public Defender, Earl Witter, charged with investigating the deaths, stated that the security forces used ”excessive or undue resort to lethal force” during the operation. Witter also doubted that the weapons “discovered” by the security forces were actually from Tivoli.


Direct Report From Tivoli

Paul Ward, a close colleague of Lloyd D’Aguilar – who has led the campaign for justice for the people of Tivoli, will provide an update on the campaign including:

  • Ensure that justice is given to the community by the payment of adequate compensation, and the holding top people to accoun
  • Why did a JLP government attack a JLP stronghold
  • The complicity of the ruling parties in covering up what happened in Tivoli
  • Did “independence” bring freedom to the people

    NB: A short film on Tivoli, made by Lloyd and Mark Foster will be shown at the meeting.

CLS open meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month, from 12 noon to 2pm. Everyone welcome.

(For more information contact CLS’s President, Luke Daniels on 07440 790451 or at lukedaniels276@btinternet.com)

Email: info@cls-uk.org.uk Web: http://www.cls-uk.org.uk


29, Myddelton Street, London EC1R 1UA, United Kingdom



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