from China Daily

When one looks at the pictures taken of the Ukraine protests, one cannot escape noticing how well composed each picture was, with near perfect color contrast, geometric proportions, and sweep of movement guided by edges of flags, raised arms, and billowing smoke.  They are so good in fact that Hollywood’s pictures look drab and uninteresting by comparison.  Some facts need mentioning to aid in the viewer’s appreciation of these fantastic works of Art.

Unlike real civil wars with chaos reigning, where dead bodies and battered buildings are in unsalvageable disarray, the photographers of the Western media seem always able to find sublime harmony and proportion wherever they shoot (with their cameras, that is) in Ukraine.  “Kiev” was not melodramatic enough, so they have switched to “Kyiv” for effect.

Every picture shows a foreground of leaping flames and billowing smoke.  But if one looks at the bottom of the glowing fires, one cannot but notice either nothing (which means kerosene poured on the ground to make the fire with), or a pile of garbage and rafters.  On the other hand, if one were to look at the true historical pictures of war in the years past, the fire is always a small glitter in the distance, with a real building burning, and the foreground is almost always filled with litter and mud.

fires fires

When reading the captions and supporting verbal reports, one notices that the numbers of those claimed to be dead always exceed the number of bodies found (most of the time, none at all).  On the other hand, in real historical footages of past wars, the number of those claimed dead is often fewer than one would estimate from the number of corpses and dying littered across the landscape.  Real war is ugly.  But a media war is always artsy.  In a real war, pictures and words invariably understate the magnitude of the tragedy.  In a media war, they embarrassingly overstate reality.

We should hope that the Ukrainian people emerge as the true masters of their country.

But does that mean kicking out Yanukovych?  Or the Hollywood filming crew?



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