For those political innocents who think that the Obama administration projects something other than the United States’ imperial interests this exchange between the US ambassador and assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland should stand as a corrective to self-delusion.

This frank exchange, in private, between functionaries of the US state reveals a contempt not only for the various strands of opinion in the Ukraine but also for the USA’s ‘allies’ in Europe and shows how transparent was the American direction to the putsch that removed the Ukraine’s unsavoury but nevertheless elected head of state.

The policy clash between the USA and the dominant forces in the European Union – principally Germany –  highlights the particular role of Britain, in the person of the preposterous William Hague, as the representative of the Atlanticist tendency.

The nature of the European Union as the expression of the class interests and political power of the most reactionary forces on our continent is made clear by this illustration of how its interests diverge from those of the USA.

This is the contemporary face of imperialism and of inter-imperialist conflict.

Imperialism unchecked means war.


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