Stop EU Liberalisation

The No2EU campaign has been launched and met with a wall of silence by the capitalist media, much of which is not so covertly promoting UKIP.

The Communists have called on members and supporters to break this news blackout by using the seven Saturdays remaining till the election, to go out into communities and campaign for No2EU candidates.

The 22 May EU election is so important as, to quote Morning Star editor Richard Bagley, “When the 2012 Stability and Governance Treaty is incorporated into EU law in 2018, Britain is likely to be bound by its rules outlawing government spending deficits. While people march throughout Spain against EU policies dismantling the welfare state, large sections of the labour movement and the left in Britain are sleep walking into an EU straitjacket’.

The Communist Party political committee issued a report which spelt out how the EU is meeting left opposition at home and abroad. At the meeting, regional secretary for the Midlands, Graham Stevenson said, ‘Abandoning the anti-EU field to racists and fascists is a recipe for disaster’.
You can view the No2EU manifesto here.


Go to the No2EU website to keep up to date with the key issues.


The Communist Party is calling for donations to fund the election deposits of candidates and you can send funds here. All donations made to the CP election fund during the period up to 22 May will go direct to the No2EU campaign.

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