The April 2014 issue of Socialist Voice, published by the Communist party of Ireland is out.

Download it here


SV 112 April 2014 WEB


Contents include:

Legal attack on SIPTU is a warning to unions [NOM]

Irish trade unions: A rump clinging to the coat-tails of a future “partnership”? [NC]

US terrorism condemned [EMC]

Beyond the media-friendly soundbites [PD]

Trade in the euro area, 2010–2015 [KC]

“Industrial civilisation headed for collapse” [EON]

TEEU strategic action rolls on!

Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie [TMK]

Political statement

Psalm 5 (a paraphrase) [Ernesto Cardenal]

Liberal imperialism: The freedom to plunder [NL]

Shakespeare at 450: An undiminished message [JF]

Are you going to the pictures? [RCN]

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