Dear Comrades!

The current government of Ukraine is carrying out a policy to create intolerable conditions for the existence of the Communist Party of Ukraine, as well as its press .

We inform you that Ukrainian secret service is actively collecting materials about an activity of the Communist Party, falsifying the CPU documents, creating activists databases, and with the help of ‘controlled’ radicals destroying property and real estate, with a ban on electioneering work with voters, as well as, organized moral pressure and physical attacks on members of Ukrainian parliament and Heads of regional party committees.

Today it is officially known, that the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, expects contributions from secret service, and is going to require from the Supreme Court of Ukraine a ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Top officials of Ukraine are responsible for such activity. Among them the Head of National Security and Defence Council Andriy Parubiy, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, the Head of Parliament and Acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchinov etc.

Actually passes the harsh treatment of all Ukrainian communists, which are the only political force that has always pursued a policy of defending the interests of ordinary people. The Communist Party of Ukraine now represents a real threat to the current government given its integrity and unity. The Communist Party of Ukraine is one link for millions of people dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities and

Putting the question of violence over the objectionable political force, the current government reiterates its anti-people, anti-state and divisive policy that uses double standards, and under the guise of fighting for “European” values actually contradicts itself, transforming Ukraine into a country with a fascist dictatorship.

Accusing people of disloyalty and demanding the renunciation of their beliefs, the current government of Ukraine proves that Ukraine compromises democracy, freedom of speech and the supremacy of law.

However, as a result the people of Ukraine, as one can never attain peace and inciting hatred and xenophobia current government of Ukraine, even more, is provoking social conflict in Ukraine and creates the conditions for a civil war.

We appeal to you, dear comrades, to render solidarity with 120.000 Ukrainian communists, and by united front to condemn the system actions of the Ukrainian authorities to ban the Communist party of Ukraine. of the Communist Party of Ukraine

The Head of the parliamentary faction of Communists in the Ukrainian Parliament

Petro Symonenko


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