On 2 May 2014, the world received terrible news of the Ukrainian city of Odessa, where fascist radicals and neo-Nazis burned alive in the house of trade unions over forty civilians protesting against the measures taken by the new government Ukraine. In subsequent retaliation against those who disagree with the current government, hundreds of demonstrators were beaten and injured.

The world community was shaken to learn the repression of opponents in Ukraine. The tragedy of Odessa was once again confirmed the anti-people and fascist dictatorial nature of the current government.

In addition, in eastern Ukraine continue to die dozens of Ukrainian civilians that power has declared as terrorists. This leads to a punitive operation, instead of a constructive dialogue with people in Eastern Ukraine for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Today, May 6, at the plenary session of the Parliament of Ukraine, the Communist parliamentary group declared illegal the plenary session of Parliament behind closed doors, denouncing the leadership of the European Parliament and of the pro-fascist parties, factions “Freedom” and “homeland”.

The leader of the Communist Petro Symonenko in his speech condemned the actions of power in Ukraine to aggravate the split in Ukrainian society, called to investigate the massacres in Odessa and in Eastern Ukraine, as well as ‘stop the policy leading to the Civil War.

However, in violation of all norms of the Constitution and Rules of the Ukrainian Parliament, the neo-Nazi majority in Parliament has decided to ban the group of the Communist Party of Ukraine to attend the plenary session of Parliament.

Consequently, Parliament held a plenary session in camera, so that the people of Ukraine was private information and results of the investigation into the killings.

We ask you, dear friends, to disseminate this information as possible in your media.


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine


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