Student elections 2014: Significant increase for the communists

The elections for the committees of the student unions were held on the 7th of May, 11 days before the local elections and 18 days before the EU Parliamentary elections. The lists of “Panspoudastiki KS”, which is supported by the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), were significantly strengthened at the ballot box.

“Panspoudastiki KS” increased its vote in the Technological Institutes, receiving 22.4% (+3.9%) and had a similar increase in the universities with 19.2 (+2.8%).

Even if this year the turnout was lower than last year, ‘Panspoudastiki KS” was the only force that increased both its votes and its percentage and emerged in 2nd place both in the Technological Institutes and in the universities. The governmental forces suffered losses both in percentages and votes (conservative ND and social-democratic PASOK), while the ultra-left and the forces of SYRIZA have no essential change in percentages and a small reduction in votes in comparison to last year. It is characteristic that the grouping supported by SYRIZA remained stuck at 6% in the universities and 2% in the Technical Institutes, without any change in relation to last year, in contrast with the lists supported by the young communists.

The lists of “Panspoudastiki KS” took part in the majority of the faculties. A strong “Panspoudastiki KS” the day after the elections will strengthen the joint struggle of the students, of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS), which is waging the struggle alongside the workers and PAME for their rights. At the same time, the young communists are seeking to reinforce the efforts for lively militant student unions, in order to strengthen the struggle for adequate funding of the institutions, for the rights of the students regarding their studies, like free food, accommodation, transport, books, study materials and for scientific education of a high level, with degrees that will be the only precondition for work. Etc.

In his statement, the Secretary of the CC of KNE, Thodoris Chionis, characterized the result as positive and a “message of struggle and optimism” and stated amongst other things that: “We must send an even more decisive message that our dreams and needs do not fit in the maelstrom of the EU and the system. We call on the students in their entirety to choose the path for the overthrow of the system and the disengagement from the EU. They must lend strength to the force that is fighting unwaveringly for our contemporary rights and the only pro-people solution. We must strengthen the KKE in the electoral confrontations we have in front of us.”

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