This morning the BBC Radio 4 Today programme (and  PM this evening) reported on the Victory in Europe celebrations in Moscow as if the victory over fascism was an exclusively Soviet event.

Of course the major contribution to the defeat of the fascist form in which dictatorship of capital existed in these years was by the Soviet peoples but it marks a new selective rewriting of history to scrub from contemporary coverage the fact, undoubtedly inconvenient, that Stalin’s Soviet Union was allied to Roosevelt’s USA and Churchill’s Britain.

To maintain the dictatorship of capital, which in present day Europe is inscribed in the treaties and procedures of the European Union, it is necessary to suppress the memory of this anti-fascist unity.

The EU and the USA are united in a strategy to impose upon the former Soviet Ukrainian republic a government that includes the direct political heirs of the fascist bands that collaborated with the nazis in the genocide of Ukraine’s Jews, Poles and Gypsies, the suppression of its Soviet institutions and the termination of its communists.

In fact, the shock troops of the coup d’etat that replaced the elected government of the Ukraine were drawn mainly from these fascist bands and their leaders now staff the coercive arms of the newly established putschist regime.






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