KKE election rally

The results of the municipal and regional elections in Greece are positive and hopeful reports the KKE.

The municipal and regional elections were held in Greece on the 18 May a week before the elections for the EU parliament. The country is divided up into 13 regions and 325 municipalities. Political parties are not allowed to directly participate in these elections. The KKE participated in the elections with the name “People’s Rally” nationwide and with the red carnation as its symbol in the 13 regions and the overwhelming majority of the municipalities.

Although the counting of the votes has not been completed, it seems that the KKE has received a significant increase in the regions, approaching 9%. In Attica, which is the country’s largest region and includes Athens and Piraeus, ‘People’s Rally” reached10.6%, while it received significant percentages of over 10% in the Northern Aegean (14.7%), in the Ionian Islands (11.4%), in Thessaly (10.4%).

In addition, it received more than 10% in dozens of municipalities and at the moment will participate in the 2nd round of the elections in 4 cities, Patras (the country’s 4th largest city), Ikaria, Petroupolis and Haidari. In Greece’s largest municipality, Athens, ‘People’s Rally received 7.41% (+2.7% in relation to the KKE’s result in 2012).

The KKE had dozens of councillors elected to the regional and municipal councils in the 1st round. The exact number will be known after the completion of the 2nd of the elections.

As regards the other political parties, SYRIZA, although it is in the first place in the Attica region, has lower percentages than it received nationwide in 2012. The governing party of ND had significant losses, but with the exception of Attica it seems to have maintained significant forces in the rest of Greece. The other governing party, the social-democratic party PASOK, also had losses, but behind the “mantle” of the ‘independent candidate” was able to get some of its candidates into the 2nd round of the municipal elections.

A negative feature of the election results was the high percentage of the fascist-Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” in the Attica region (11.1%), and the municipality of Athens (16.1%).

The result is positive and hopeful! The battle continues next Sunday in the elections for the EU Parliament and the 2nd round, where ‘People’s Rally” will participate.



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