KKE results

Information from the KKE

After the local and regional elections, in which the KKE received about 500,000 votes and 9%and in light of the impending elections for the EU parliament next Sunday 25/5, the CC of the KKE issued a call to the working class and other popular strata of the country and stressed that:

The positive trend recorded in the 1st round must be confirmed next Sunday, through the strengthening the lists of the KKE in the EU parliamentary elections and “People’s Rally” wherever it participates in the 2nd round.

At the EU parliamentary elections we must take a step in order to strengthen the resistance to the anti-people measures and the permanent memoranda imposed by the EU.

We must take a step towards the emancipation from the blackmail and the false promises of the parties that support the EU.

The strengthening of the KKE is an urgent necessity and a prerequisite in order to pave the way for the overturning of the anti-people political line, irrespective of which government implements it.

Once again ND-PASOK are investing in fear and blackmail, claiming that if the people vote against this parties the country will face uncertain hazards. They want to trap the people in the current path that will continue the bankruptcy of the people in the next period.

The SYRIZA’s differences with ND do not constitute any real opposition to the anti-people political line. Its obeisance to the EU one way street means the acceptance of the EU commitments,   submission to the goal of competitiveness.

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