Statement of the enlarged meeting of the Egyptian Communist Party on the position regarding the Egyptian presidential elections

The Central Committee of the party has held a meeting that involved a large number of members in Cairo and the provinces to discuss the issue of the presidential elections and the party’s position towards these elections and the candidates contesting them.

The Political Bureau of the party had held extensive discussions with members in numerous organizations in the run-up to this meeting. It was found through democratic debate that there are several tendencies and points of view among party members regarding both principal candidates. There was also a point of view that was expressed by a few voices calling for boycotting the elections.

The party was keen to hold this meeting after the door was opened for nominations and the scene of the presidential elections was finally set. The discussions at the meeting therefore took place in the light of the completion of the political picture of the elections. These discussions were characterized by clarity, utmost transparency and respect for the opinions of others. More than twenty members, representing various views and regions made contributions at the meeting.

Many speakers presented their views and political analysis of the political situation and their own reasoning for supporting either of the two main candidates (Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahi), expressing the positions of party members in the provinces that they were representing.

The debate revealed the existence of a clear variation in views among large numbers of party members on the priorities which form the basis for choosing between the two candidates and the visions they have declared until now. A factor contributing to the existence of this variation in views is the fact that the country is going through a significant moment and that the revolution and the homeland are facing real dangers and complex local, regional and international situations.

This necessitated at the end the need for the meeting to agree to vote on one of two proposals:

The first proposal: To let party members vote for the candidate whom they support among the two contesting candidates.

The second proposal: To vote on the party choosing to support one of the two candidates.

The first proposal was approved by 70 %. Among those approving this proposal were members who held views that had been put forward.

The participants stressed at the end of the meeting that protecting party unity and ensuring the continuation of its struggle to achieve the goals of the Revolution and the completion of the program of the national democratic revolution is our main objective in the next phase. And that the presidential elections’ battle, in spite of its importance, is not the end, but that there are big battles ahead, and that it is necessary to unify the patriotic and democratic forces in order to achieve a decisive victory for the revolution over the forces of counter-revolution. Our position towards the next President, whatever his name, will be determined in the light of his positions and actual policies, and on the basis of his commitment to achieving the goals and demands of the popular masses in the Revolutions of 25th January and 30th June.

Our party, in alliance with the other revolutionary patriotic forces, will continue to be in the forefront of these masses, fighting to achieve fully the following objectives:

First: Ending subservience to the United States and world imperialism, emphasis on the independence of the national decision-making, and consolidating and strengthening the foundations of national unity.

Second: To achieve a comprehensive independent development that is biased to the poor and toilers, that works to meet their living needs and fundamental rights at work, medical treatment, housing and education,  and the eradication of corruption … and putting to trial the thieves and the corrupt who have stolen the people’s money.

Third: To achieve democracy in its true and comprehensive sense, and the need to enact legislations that emphasize the fundamental freedoms which the masses had seized with their revolutionary sacrifices and struggles. And to ensure their wide participation in the decision-making process, and the need to stop the violations and abuses committed against innocent people who were not involved in terrorist practices.

Let it be clear to everybody that the great Egyptian people, who were able to overthrow two regimes and two presidents in two years, will not allow in any way the return of the Mubarak regime or the regime of the terrorist Brotherhood and their allies. The people are able to confront any incoming president that does not abide by the Constitution and does not achieve their hopes and aspirations to live in freedom, social justice and human dignity.

Socialism is the future.. we build it together.


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