European elections – In this political crisis a real and credible left prospect should emerge

The high level of abstention and the historic level of the National Front (Front National – Right extremist), confirm that the political and democratic crisis in our country has reached a critical threshold. This is a new alert. France was plunged into a disturbing democratic malaise. The reasons for this are clear: the massive rejection of the liberal model of the European Union and contempt that proponents of this model have opposite ten years to all those who challenged; confinement of François Hollande and Manuel Valls in austerity disowned by the country; the disarray in which this situation plunged the working class and all the left-wing voters.

The victory of the National Front, led by strong ownership of discontent and capturing the voice of the right, is a serious event at national and European level.

If the right and the extreme right are in mind, it’s more that the government majority is sanctioned and isolated this evening. Left out of this election weakened.

In this context, the results of the Left Front (Front de gauche, coalition PCF/PG), equivalent to what they were in 2009, do not allow the challenge of a major alternative voice left. A major work is before us.

Tonight, the PCF launch a solemn appeal. This political crisis should emerge a real and credible perspective on left bottom out with this system broke theses liberal. The left is too far from its values. It may not find the people in a social and political movement of the magnitude of a Popular Front of the XXI century. We call on all those who tonight feel unhappy left, all the forces of the country, youth and workers to join immediately. We put the Left Front in their service.

In this aim, the results of our European partners group GUE-NGL and progression of the idea of a left alternative in Europe are encouraging signs.

Four MPs of the Left Front were elected

Marie-Christine Vergiat (South-East)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Southwest)

Patrick Le Hyaric (Ile-De-France // Paris )

Yunus Omarjee – left parties supported by the Left Front (Overseas)

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