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The Cabinet reshuffle is a cosmetic, PR exercise which indicates the kind of General Election campaign we can expect from the Tories. While the coalition’s reactionary policies will stay the same, they will dress up in the Union Jack and use their party conference to launch a wide-ranging attack on democratic rights, more specifically on trade unionism and the European Convention on Human Rights. 
Demagogic attacks on strikers and the EU will be designed to win votes from UKIP, although the elevation of Michael Fallon (to Defence) and Lord Hill (to the EU Commission) suggest that Cameron has no intention of crossing British and US big business, which is overwhelmingly in favour of continued EU membership. 
All of this emphasises the importance of mobilising huge protests at the Tory Party conference and on the TUC’s ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ demonstration on October 18.
The labour movement, the People’s Assembly and the left must now do everything possible to raise the political temperature and deny the Tories the initiative. In particular, the case for alternative left and progressive policies has to be made forcefully, putting the maximum pressure on Labour to draw up a winnable General Election manifesto for next May.
Robert Griffiths is Communist Party general secretary and a contributor to 21centurymanifesto

One thought on “ Robert Griffiths on the Cameron reshuffle

  1. It was the Labour leader Clement Attlee who actually colluded with the United States in the creation of Nato and that doesn’t square with claim of Griffiths that the virtuous, little Britain is merely a junior megaphone for US expansionism and EU neo-liberalism.

    In true social-chauvinist style he implies that Britain is a voice for peace, sanity and social justice and ludicrously claims that little Britain does not have an independent foreign and defence policy.

    Neo-liberalism is a global imperialist strategy, supported in the UK on the initiative of the Labour leader Harold Wilson, and sustained by the International Social Fascism of the seven imperialist states.

    So, while UKIP, from a Conservative perspective, complains about little England being bullied by the big boys, we have the CPB complaining about little Britain being bullied by the big boys.

    His attack on a section of the Palestinian resistance, the Hamas Government, by a supposed communist from a imperialist country that, in order to get a Welfare state for its working class, has been greatly responsible for the suffering of the Palestine people for nearly 70 years, should be condemned.

    Displaying an opportunist approach to a ‘two-state solution’, he is quite happy with the idea of Palestinian statehood, but not self-determination for a state of Palestine.

    The escalation of the imperialist, terror war on the West Bank and Gaza was prompted by the unity that has been achieved by the leaders of the Palestinians and the leaders of Nazionist Israel recognise this as bearing the seed for a one state of Palestine that can accommodate both Arab and Jew and that portends its own demise. After all, a land may have been promised, but not a state ghettoised by the false conflation of Zionism and Judaism.

    The Communist Party of Britain conveniently forgets that the Labour Party UK has played a ‘cynical’ role as a solid supporter of Nato since it took a leading role in its creation 65 years ago and, therefore, has been responsible for a huge amount of “the bloodshed and tragedy in different parts of the world”.

    Along with other factions, the CPB suffers from revolutionary rhetoric combined with reformist reaction and, as to be expected from a Party that arose out of the ‘trade union’ wing of the old CPGB, its 21st Century is nothing more than a nostalgic attempt to rehash the CPGB of the 20th.

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