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from James Angel of the World Development Movement

On Saturday, I was one of thousands of people across the UK and Ireland who took to the streets to stand together against the EU-US trade deal (TTIP), which threatens the biggest corporate power grab in a decade.

Bringing together people ranging from trade unionists to environmentalists, food growers to teachers, a new movement for people power against corporate power has begun.

Watch and share our short film to see what happened at our #noTTIP day of action:http://youtu.be/9w8AzxmJuCs

In Central London, 1,000 people marched on the UK base of the European Union for a carnival against this corporate power grab.

Meanwhile, high streets and public spaces in 20 towns and cities across the country were transformed with creative protests against TTIP, including big business puppet shows, people power vs corporate power boxing matches and even a corporate robot dance off!

The movement to beat TTIP is growing. Watch and share our short film to find out more:http://youtu.be/9w8AzxmJuCs

Behind closed doors, negotiators are meeting in Brussels this week to try to make progress on this trade deal of the 1%. But with thousands of us on the streets across Europe and the US and over 100,000 responses to the recent EU public consultation, politicians are feeling the pressure.

Together, we have the power to defeat unjust trade deals. In the 1990s, the global justice movement secured win after win against international institutions like the World Trade Organisation, stopping them reaching the global agreements they wanted.

We’re building a new movement with the power to beat TTIP. Can you help us spread the word? Watch and share this: http://youtu.be/9w8AzxmJuCs.



PS The movement against TTIP is growing. Join us! We’d love you to come along to our #noTTIP planning meeting: 2 August, 1pm-5pm at Friends of the Earth’s London office: The Printworks, 1st Floor, 139 Clapham Road, London, SW9 0HP. Want to know why you should come along? Watch this: http://youtu.be/9w8AzxmJuCs

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