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Step by step Israel erases It from the map

By Eduardo Galeano

This article by the famous Uruguayan writer appeared in late 2012 and again on July 11, 2014. The links are, respectively,http://www.contrainjerencia.com/?p=90154andhttp://www.telesurtv.net/articulos/2012/11/24/eduardo-galeano-ya-poca-palestina-queda.-paso-a-paso-israel-la-esta-borrando-del-mapa-2284.html

Translated by W. T. Whitney Jr.

To justify itself, state terrorism creates terrorists, sews hatred, and seeks out alibis. Everything indicates that this slaughter in Gaza, which according to its perpetrators is aimed at finishing off terrorists, will end up adding more. The Palestinians have lived since 1948 only to be condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can’t breathe without permission. They’ve lost their country, their lands, their water, their liberty – everything. They don’t even have the right to choose their governments. When they vote for someone they shouldn’t vote for, they are blamed. Palestine’s conversion into a mouse cage without an exit came about after Hamas decisively won elections in 2006. Something similar took place in 1932, when the Communist Party won elections in El Salvador. (1)

Bathed in blood, the Salvadorians expiated their evil ways. From then on they lived in submission to military dictatorships. Democracy is a luxury. Not everyone deserves it. The legacy of powerlessness is evident as Hamas activists, corralled in Gaza, shoot poorly aimed, homemade rockets over lands that once were Palestinian and now are under Israeli occupation. And desperation, verging on suicidal craziness, gives rise to threats and denials of Israel’s right to exist. Meanwhile, as that futile shouting goes on, a very efficient war of extermination has for many years denied the right of Palestinians to exist. Now there’s not much Palestine left. Step by step, Israel wipes it off the map.

The settlers invade, and the soldiers follow and fix the boundaries. Bullets sanctify plunder, supposedly in legitimate defense. There’s no aggressive war which isn’t called a defensive war. Hitler invaded Poland to avoid a Polish invasion of Germany. Bush invaded Iraq to keep Iraq from invading the world. In each one of its defensive wars Israel swallowed up another piece of Palestine, and mealtime continues. The gobbling-up is justified through property titles conferred in the Bible. They stem from two thousand years of persecution suffered by the Jewish people – and from panic generated by snooping Palestinians.

Israel is the country that never fulfills United Nations recommendations or resolutions, never honors judgments of international tribunals, ridicules international laws, and is also the only country that legalized the torture of prisoners. Who gave Israel authority to deny all rights?Where does the impunity come from that enables Israel to carry out massacres in Gaza? The Spanish government hasn’t been able to bombard the Basque Country with impunity to finish off ETA. Nor has the British government been able to demolish Ireland in order to liquidate the IRA. Maybe the tragedy of the Holocaust implanted policies of eternal impunity. Or does that green light come from the big, powerful boss that relies upon Israel as the most unquestioning of its vassals? The Israeli army, the most modern and sophisticated in the world, knows who it is killing. It does not kill by mistake. It kills for horror. Civilian victims are called collateral damage, according to the dictionary applying to other imperialist wars.

In Gaza three out of ten collateral damage victims are children. Then one adds thousands of victims crippled through a technology of human dismemberment, one that the military industry has tried out in a successful ethnic cleansing operation. And always it’s the same: in Gaza it’s one hundred to one. For every 100 Palestinians killed, there is one Israeli. One bombardment after another is warning us that they are dangerous people, according to the mass media. We are invited to believe that one Israeli life is worth as much as 100 Palestinian lives. And the media ask us also to believe that Israel’s 200 nuclear bombs are humanitarian and that a nuclear power called Iran was the one that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The so-called international community: does it exist?Isit anything more than a club of merchants, bankers and war-makers? Does it amount to more than an artsy name put out by the United States when it does theater? Now with the Gaza tragedy, world hypocrisy once more is on display. The indifference, empty speeches, hollow declarations, pretentious proclamations, and ambiguous posturing all render tribute to sacred impunity. Faced with the Gaza tragedy, Arab countries wash their hands, as always. And as always the European countries rub their hands.

The old Europe, so full of beauty and perversity, sheds another tear while secretly celebrating this master-stroke. Hunting of Jews was always a European custom, but for half a century this historical obligation has been farmed out to the Palestinians, who are also Semites and who never were, and are not, anti-Semites. In ready blood and cash they are paying off someone else’s bill. (This article is dedicated to my Jewish friends assassinated by Latin American dictators whom Israel advised.)

(1) The dictator Maximiliano Hernández Martínez ruled in El Salvador from 1931 to 1944. His government suppressed a peasant rebellion in 1932 at the cost of an estimated 30,000 lives.


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