Let My People Go!

– Exodus 5: 1; Deut 10: 18-19; Isaiah 1: 15, 5: 8 and 5: 20; Jeremiah 7:5; and Matthew 25: 35-38

Hear me, O Israel

for the end is coming upon you

if you do not soften your heart.

Listen, O Israel,

who promised you good things,

a land of milk and honey?

Who brought you out of Egypt

and gave you land, to share in peace,

land, and peace, to share?

It is your God who speaks, who says

Let my people go!

And yet look, Israel, what have you done?

you drive out my people

and settle the land

you blockade and build walls

make war on your neighbours

you crush the widows and children

and even attack the sick and the old.

Your hands are covered in blood,

your hearts are cold as stone.

It is Yahweh who speaks, who says

Let my people go!

Israel, you and your rich and powerful friends

who join house to house, and field to field

until there is room for no-one but you,

who call evil good, and good evil,

who put darkness for light, and light for darkness

who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter

who rob the poor, and kill the innocent,

must change your ways.

It is the Son of Man who speaks, who says

be a light unto the nations

lay down your arms

and lift the blockade

tear down the wall

and pull back the settlements

rebuild the homes and hospitals and schools

feed the hungry

heal the sick and wounded and

let my people go!

Mike Quille

August 2014.

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