Vote No to separation
Communist party members and supporters throughout Scotland are working to mobilise opposition to separation. The unity of Britain’s workers is threatened by this Thursday’s referendum on so-called independence.

With the vote just hours away it has become clear that it is not independence on offer – but a reshuffling of the capitalist cards, that would leave the Scots at the mercy of the EU, NATO and the transnational capitalist finance houses.

Throughout the two and a half year campaign, the CP has consistently warned that the referendum would result in deepening divisions amongst workers, when what was needed was maximum unity against austerity, the EU and NATO war-making.

You can read here Bill Greenshields on the true meaning of independence, John Foster and Marc Livingstone onthe outcome of separation, Zoe Hennessy on young first time voters, Tommy Morrison on Scotland’s choice and you can view the new CP website for Scotland.

TTIP briefing and video
As if further proof were needed of the threat that transnational capitalism poses to all workers in Britain, more information is being revealed about the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Attempts to conduct negotiations around TTIP in secret are faltering. Questions are being asked in Parliament largely under pressure from campaigners and lobbyists opposed to this frontal threat to our sovereignty.

The anti-popular TTIP will be used as a stalking horse to strip the people of publicly funded health care and education. It is irreversible and designed to be outside the control of Parliament. It is shrouded in secrecy with some documents embargoed from public viewing for thirty years. And that is just the start.

The international department of the CP has produced aTTIP briefing for union and community activists. You can view  John Foster on the threat of TTIP and the EU.


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