‘Whatever the result on Friday morning, the Communist Party will continue to work with the left and the labour movement to emphasise the need for class politics in Scotland and across the rest of Britain’, Anita Halpin told the party’s political committee on the eve of the Scottish referendum vote.

She declared it essential to implement the majority decision of the Scottish people ‘in a spirit of goodwill, mutual respect and cooperation’.

‘But the referendum result will not alter the reality that the Scottish and British economy is controlled by giant monopoly capitalist corporations and dominated by financial interests concentrated in the City of London’, Ms Halpin pointed out.

Whether as an independent country or part of the United Kingdom with enhanced powers of self-government, Scotland would still be subject to EU and NATO treaties and policies which ‘restrict and undermine people’s aspirations for a better future’. She paid tribute to Scottish communists and their allies for raising such issues during the referendum campaign.

Ms Halpin also reiterated the Communist Party of Britain’s policy for a federal system with substantial economic and financial powers for Scottish and Welsh parliaments, abolition of the House of Lords, a legislative chamber for England, a Cornish assembly and elected regional assemblies where demand exists. But she warned that institutional change alone would not meet people’s needs without a ‘united labour movement backing the People’s Assembly and leading the challenge to big business on every front – economically, socially, culturally and politically’.

A special session on national and constitutional questions will take place at the Communist Party’s 53rd congress in November.

In her capacity as CP trade union organiser, Ms Halpin also made a largely positive assessment of last week’s Trade Union Congress in Liverpool where delegates condemned the invasion of Gaza, upheld Palestine’s right to statehood alongside Israel, opposed the proposed EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and highlighted new threats to trade union rights.

In particular, as well as condemning the murder of Western journalists and aid workers by Islamic State terrorists, she welcomed the firm TUC stance against British and US military intervention and Syria.


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