Common actions

International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

November 13th, 14th and 15th, 2014 — Guayaquil-Ecuador


1.- To honor May 1st, through participation in the struggles of the working class in every country from manpower, social and democratic workers rights, highlighting the role of the workers’ movement class, that is to say of the WFTU commemorating its 70th anniversary in October 2015..

2. – To report hegemonic imperialist plans, the real reasons behind the war and the manipulation of the so-called fight against terrorism, emphasizing in the importance for the pursuit of peace. Develop actions against the NATO military bases and the ones that imperialism has imposed in many countries, against interventions and militarism, with a special focus on the huge exercise of the NATO “Trident Situation 2015”..

3.- To step up the fight against the imperialist wars in Iraq and Syria and the one made by the criminal groups supported by imperialism and reactionary states against Lebanon, Lybia and Tunisia. To condemn the US, NATO and the EU imperialist intervention in Ukraine and Africa..

4.- To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nazi’s fascism, highlighting the role of the USRR and the Communist Parties in the struggle and unity against the fascism and the Nazism, and to develop the struggle against the reactionary rewriting of history and the laundering of fascism and Nazism..

5.- To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Vietnams’ Victory in their liberation against imperialist aggression of the United States..

6.- To report and fight against laws and legal provisions of the anti-communist harassment. To develop solidarity actions with the parties that face anti- communist attacks, prohibitions and persecutions, such as the one with the Ukrainian communists..

7.- To strengthen solidarity in the common actions to support the people and their fellows who are at the Forefront for the resistance against the imperialist offensive. With the occasion of November 29th, reinforce solidarity with Palestinian people. To facilitate a solidary visit to Palestine WG, opened to all members of the Solid net list..

8.- To reinforce solidarity with the Communists Parties, workers and with the people in the struggle for national and social emancipation that releases in Latin America and in another parts of the world. To affirm the peoples rights for sovereignty, fighting against the capital impositions, and imperialist interferences and aggressions. To reaffirm solidarity with the people’s struggle to get socialism in different countries..

9.- To strengthen solidarity with Socialist Cuba with the purpose of ending the US blockade, for the abolition of the common position of the EU and for repelling the imperialist interventions and wars waged by the bourgeois media..

To intensify the activity for the liberalization of the three Cubans that are in OW in the US, and to support the international campaign that culminates in September, 2015..

10.- To support and to strengthen international anti-imperialist mass organizations, the Federation of Trade Unions (WTFU), the World Peace Congress (WPC), the Women International Democratic Federation (WIDF), highlighting their role and the importance of the respective anniversaries that will be commemorated in 2015..

11 . – To instruct the Working Group to start making reflection in coordination with the parties of the former Soviet Union, about the commemoration and common actions with the occasion of the centenary of the Socialist Revolution..


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