The Puerto Rican Communist Party. (Photo: Sibci/Archive)

The Puerto Rican Communist Party. (Photo: Sibci/Archive)

Published  by Telesur  25 November 2014
On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the party condemned the economic policy dictated by Wall Street that affects the most vulnerable.

The Communist Party of Puerto Rico (PCPR) outlined on Tuesday that the accelerated erosion of social fabric and the vertiginous impoverishment originating from the structures of the state and the bougeois society created ideal conditions for an increase of violence against working women.

​The political commission of the party released the statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, chosen to commemorate the Mirabal sisters, three political activists from the Dominican Republic who were brutally assassinated in 1960 during the Rafael Trujillo dictatorship (1930-1961).

“In this step of political and economic decomposition of the colony, the parasites from Wall Street, in concubinage with their local middlemen, use all the possible forms to keep on appropriating themselves of the product of our work, which increase the impoverishment of large sectors of our people,” the PCPR argued.

Among the many signs of violence that capital exerts, is violence for machismo against working women, as well as against the most unprotected sectors of society which are children and the elder, the party added in the statement.

“There are other kinds of violence that exert themselves from governmental institutions… like the massive indebtedness, through which the public services are eliminated in order to pay the bondholders of Wall Street,” the party said.

“The organized delinquency in the Legislative Assembly, like faithful servants of the financial capital, and under its pressure they claim to impose on us merciless a tax that promises disastrous consequences for the working class and large sectors of our people,” referring to an increase of oil tax imposed two years ago in order to rescue the Authority of Roads and Transports.

The PCPR questioned where the benefits from this tax increase – US$9 per barrel – had gone, as the company now remains insolvent. It also warned that the exact amount of the new debt allegedly paid by the oil tax has not been publicly revealed.

The PCPR argued that this new tax would consequently raise the cost of life in all its aspects, including transport, distribution of food and services.

​The political organization called “to fight in all social spheres … [against] all kinds of machismo and gender violence in order to contribute to changing forms of obsolete thoughts that claim to rule society.”


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