What will communists be striving for in 2015? Asks Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths, looking towards a year of struggle for social justice, peace and socialism.

Britain is a society disfigured by poverty, food banks, mass unemployment, enormous social injustice and chronic corruption

Our top priority must be to help sweep away the unelected Tory-LibDem regime at the General Election on May 7. The only realistic alternative is a Labour government.

But we also realise that Labour’s manifesto will not provide the radical alternative needed to challenge state-monopoly capitalism in Britain.

That’s why we must redouble our efforts to strengthen the trade unions and trades councils and build the People’s Assembly and the National Assembly of Women as broad popular movements against austerity, privatisation and inequality.

After putting a Labour government in office, the workers and peoples of Britain will have to put the maximum pressure on it to put the interests of the millions before those of the millionaires. Before, during and after May 7, renationalisation and public ownership must be pushed towards the top of the political agenda.

This perspective would provide the best conditions in which to resolve the crisis of political representation in the labour movement.

Communists also have to win urgent support for our policy of ‘progressive federalism’, placing real powers and resources in the Scottish and Welsh parliaments and in English regional assemblies to implement left and progressive economic and social policies.

Attempts by UKIP, the Tory right and other reactionary forces to divide the working class and people generally along national, racial or religious lines must be met by the case for unity against big business and British imperialism.

In particular, the advance of UKIP can be rebuffed by pointing to its pro-austerity, pro-privatisation and pro-City agenda. However, reactionary opposition to the EU will not be defeated by reactionary pro-EU arguments, but by opposing the EU from the left and winning more people to that position.

Whoever comprises it, the next government will decide whether the Trident nuclear weapons system is renewed or replaced. Communists must help strengthen determination in the peace, labour and other progressive movements to scrap Britain’s weapons of mass destruction altogether, as part of the ongoing struggle against militarism and imperialist war.

On the international front, too, intensifying momentum behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign and for recognition of Palestinian statehood should be a top priority.

In all this work, a stronger Communist Party and bigger readerships for the Morning Star and Britain’s Road to Socialism can play a key role.

We must therefore turn decisively outwards, projecting the party at every level, taking our own initiatives alongside even greater engagement in broad campaigning movements, drawing new members into public activity, political education and cadre development.

Building Britain’s party of working class and people’s power is the single biggest contribution we can make to the struggle for social justice, peace and socialism in 2015.

3 thoughts on “What will communists be striving for in 2015?

  1. You say “The only realistic alternative is a Labour government”. What’s the point of a Labour Government that long ago abandoned clause 4 – which aimed at putting the total means of production under worker control? Even the the constitution of John Lewis Partnership is more left wing than New Labour without clause 4!

  2. Agreed, Malcolm. You could join the Communist Party. When we are bigger and stronger we will not have to seek piecemeal reforms but can change the whole means of production, distribution and wealth. Come and join us.

  3. Most working class people are duped into believing they’ve never had it so good; to them, serious poverty only exists in their TV misdirected minds in the so called Third World and that the poor in the UK have themselves to blame.
    Today’s working class, by and large has no conception of how the ruling elite rob them every day.
    In fact most workers do not even know that they are workers.
    If Labour attempted to bring back the spirit of clause 4 it would be assassinated by the so called “free” Tory press.
    A revolution will succeed only when the troops are recruited to the side of the working class, otherwise, they will fight for the establishment capitalists..
    We need the revolution to be world wide while finding some way of preventing the USA and its allies undermining, by means of propaganda and lies, any moves towards communism in this country or any other.
    It took them just 60 years to undermine the USSR by lies about “freedom” how long would it take them here – 60 months?

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