Above: Wolinski cartoon ‘Nothing is too good for the workers’


The editorial by Patrick Le Hyaric in today’s l’Humanité expresses the deep hurt felt by French communists at the murders at Charlie Hebdo.

There have always been strong links between l’Humanité and Charlie Hebdo with the cartoons, especially by Wolinski, often appearing in the paper and with a regular presence at the annual fete

Extracts from the editorial

Dear Georges Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Honoré and all the others, we are crying for you and will never forget you, faithful to the subversive power of your art that has cost you your life

There are no words to name the horrible deeds perpetuated yesterday in the heart of Paris with cold blood, one by one, of our comrades of Charlie Hebdo meeting in editorial conference

A journal, its journalists, its designers were killed by the forces of terror. Others were injured in flesh and spirit. Faced with engines of war they had only their pens for their defence. The families are bereaved forever. We assure them of our compassion and our solidarity.

Beyond the death of our comrades, this is an attack committed against creation, intelligence and the right to think. Against liberty and democracy as very sombre and very tragic hours in our history

Terror and death are weapons brandished against human fraternity, against all debate, against culture – against all desires for emancipation – in the name of a reactionary and obscurantist projects. Make no mistake.

This is our republic, its values, its history, its lights, its secularism that is targeted. This republic is the one of tolerance and respect for others

Whatever one thinks, the writings of Charlie Hebdo, its designs, its caricatures, reveal the hidden sides of the turpitude of the world and its actors. To be able to publish and contest ideas is an integral part of democratic debate.

The Republic united must speak immediately with the strength and dignity that circumstances require.

We will be with every initiative which will permit this citizen’s expression, united and reassembled. Evidently, we refuse and will refuse to confuse this barbarism with any religion

and we will amplify our struggle against all racism, anti semitism and islamophobia

We cannot accept the cynical game of those, in recent months, for political reasons play with hatred, racism, right extremism spit our in different ways a hatred of foreigners.

All this nourishes the deleterious xenophobic climate which has enveloped France for many months. We appeal against these games of politicians. We appeal for resistance in the face of public debate

The teams at l’Humanité are in mourning. Among the victims, slaughtered with the coldness and the most abject cynicism, were a number of our colleagues and friends who came every day to enrich our newspaper with their immense talent, covering world events in a critical and scathing way.

Dear Georges Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous Honoré and all other, we cry and we will never forget you, true to the subversive power of your art that has just cost you your life.

This terrible tragedy and those stolen lives require us to defend every inch of the values of freedom, tolerance, brotherhood and equality.

In these tragic hours – in a context where tensions continue to rise – the one and indivisible Republic, tolerant, secular and social, must more than ever be assertive. It must resist these cowards and barbarians.


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