This from Global Justice (formerly the World Development Movement)

This week, 1,500 business leaders and 40 heads of state are meeting in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum. They will be discussing how big business can help improve the state of the world – in their own best interests.

The rhetoric from Davos is so deeply engrained in society that it can be difficult to challenge the power that they hold. Our new series of interactive infographics exposes seven myths that exist to perpetuate injustice and poverty across the world – find out who is really getting richer; who the real scroungers are; and how Africa is really the one aiding us.

The world will not be saved a tiny group of the super-rich. Hope lies in challenging the power and wealth of this small elite and the orthodoxy of neoliberalism. By working with social movements around the world another world is possible.

At Global Justice Now we are campaigning for a world where resources are controlled by the many and not the few. And the first step to do this is to debunk the myth that big business is the solution to all our problems.


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