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The Resolution of the 49th Conference of the Communist Party of Ukraine [En]

 On the Political Report of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and The Party’s Goals (The Resolution of the 49th Conference of the Communist Party of Ukraine)

The conference noted that recently the party had to act under difficult circumstances. Dangerous processes, which are taking place in the world, may lead to the sharpening of international relations; the developments of the political processes in Ukraine have taken a tragic turn. The government overthrow which took place in February 2014 has led to the establishment of an anti-popular comprador regime – the dictatorship of the government serving the interests of pro-Western oligarchs and aggressive neo-Nazi groups. As a result, the Communist party of Ukraine (CPU) has found itself in a difficult condition: it is constantly being repressed. For the first time since the announcement of Ukraine’s independence the party is not represented in the Parliament.

The party faces an illegal ban of its activity.


The prognosis of the events’ development since the 44th conference of CPU has proven to be accurate. The global economic crisis is continuing to undermine the basis of the global capitalistic system. The concentration, merging of productive capital with financial speculation, the seizure of power by the super powerful transnational corporations and banks, the world rule of monopolistic governmental capitalism have not eradicated inter-imperialistic differences. The struggle of prominent imperialistic states and their groups to control key-strategic resources and their transit has worsened and taken new shapes.

The development of the world situation today is defined by two processes. On one hand, we have the US which aspires to establish total world control. On the other hand, we witness a collapse of one-polar conception as well as the rise of new power centers.

The USA is still able to dictate its will to the dependent states. It dominates in the International Monetary Fund and other world financial oligarchies. During these years the international law has been dismantled: power, arbitrariness and dictate have been implemented into international practice. The USA is using the “The Controlled Chaos Strategy” which enables it to overthrow the unwanted governments as well as to strengthen its power and supremacy in other countries and regions.

The USA is cynical. Washington talks about freedom, democracy, human rights, protection of sovereignty and yet they rely heavily on various terrorist organizations, including Islamic fundamentalists, neo-Nazis, neo-Fascists. The latter openly rear their head; their impudence is visible in many European countries, including Ukraine.

There are two world forces which are prepared to stop the aggressive plan of American imperialism are Russia and China. In the recent years China’s military and economic power in the world has significantly risen. The US tries to strengthen its stance in the ongoing struggle by attempting to neutralize Russia. Washington does not want Moscow to reintegrate the former USSR republics. On the contrast, it is interested in complete breakdown of relations between Ukraine and Russia.

This is what greatly defines the current situation in Ukraine.


The disastrous effect of the 1991 antisocialist coup, which led to the collapse of USSR and restoration of capitalism, has worsened over the past few years.

As in other countries, the private-owned capitalist property has become the supreme ruler of Ukraine. A renaissance of exploiting classes is thriving; politics and law have undergone radical changes; socio-cultural processes are disarranged; societal morality is demolished.

From the very beginning the new Ukrainian bourgeoisie was formed on the basis of oligarchic clans. An open merger between capital and power occurred; both public property and power were boldly seized on all levels, including the national level, by dollar millionaires and billionaires. Oligarchy and corruption in Ukraine have reached unprecedented levels.

Ukrainian bourgeoisie and officials which represent the former’s interests in power are in fact compradors – they are conductors of foreign interests, mostly the US’ and NATO’s. The political and economic integration forced upon Ukraine by the West has led to disastrous consequences for the Ukrainian industry, first and foremost for its high-tech sphere, defense, and dangerous dependence of its bank system on world financial octopus.

During the independence years the nouveaux riches, who managed to illegally privatize industry created by the Soviet people, have failed to build new factories. Neither did they manage to modernize the economy. The country has never received the promised “effective owners”. Oligarchic interests are quite simple, and speculation with the stolen capital is among them.

As we can see, the restoration of capitalism in Ukraine has a thieves, parasitic nature.

The restoration of capitalism has led to a radical change in Ukrainian class structure, deepening of social differentiation, property stratification, sharpening of differences.

The liberal system has provoked a continuous economic decline, degradation of main industrial funds. Today’s GDP barely reaches the half of the 1980’s index. The financial system has been disorganized. The country found itself addicted to constant dollar injections. We are witnessing the distortion of branch structures; the weakness of Ukrainian economy; its slow transfer to modern innovational base.

Both social and human potential have reached a dangerous depletion; the society is demoralized and degraded. Capitalism “assisted” Ukraine in becoming “a leader” among countries with the highest death rates. For more than a quarter of a century our citizens have been living under constant psychological pressure, destructive influence of political demagogic, false propaganda of bourgeois mass media.

The only way out of this deep crisis, which will help to improve the situation and put our country on the right track, is to change the social and political formation. We must help the working class to understand these basic principles as well as to mobilize them and commence a fight for the socialistic transformation of the society. This is the most important task for the Communist party as well as for all progressive forces in the country.


After the coup d’état organized by the right nationalists in February 2014, the development of the events in Ukraine took an adversarial turn. The premises for the coup were laid out in advance. After the events of 2004-2005 and the victory of the impotent pro-Western orange government, V. Yuschenko – the orange leader at the time — failed to win both presidential (2010) and parliamentary (2012) elections.

The Party of Regions and their leader V. Yanukovich – the successor of V. Yuschenko — did not only fail to meet electorate’s expectations, but as a matter of fact betrayed them. Inconsistence in conduction of foreign affairs, anti-popular social and economic policy combined with greediness and complete shamelessness of the officials who kept hideously enriching themselves in an arrogant manner have truly disgusted the Ukrainian people. Thus, the majority of Ukrainians as well as the leading subjects of world politics stopped trusting Yanukovich and other institutes of power. The situation was unprecedented.

The Party of Regions leadership distanced itself from the coalition treaty signed by the then candidate for the presidency Yanukovich with the block of left parties. This concerns first and foremost the privatization of strategic objects, foreign economic relations of Ukraine, relations with NATO, joining the Customs Union with Russia, Republic of Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The party’s establishment struggled to smooth down the occurring differences with the Left bloc and act according to the interests of the Ukrainian people. However, with every step it became more and more obvious that the harmful for Ukrainian strategic interests as well as for relations between Kiev and Moscow drift to the West was not coincidental. It was defined by the oligarchic interests, on which the previous government relied. President V. Yanukovich and his “servants” Ministry of Justice and Central Electoral Commission violated the Constitution and did not allow our party to conduct a national referendum on the foreign course of Ukraine. The fact that more than 3 mln citizens’ signatures were collected in support of it was not taken into consideration.

Deep dissatisfaction with the government’s politics and practical activities were the premises of massive protests in the capital of Ukraine and regions of the country. These circumstances combined with the disgraceful escape of Yanukovich were used by the pro-American forces, including the aggressive neo-Nazis and armed groups, some of which were created by oligarchs. The clashes between the latter and the police led to deaths, massive violations of rights and degradation of citizens’ dignity.

The rising aggressiveness, the strengthening of national and chauvinistic Russophobe sentiments in the protests, the open attack on the rights of Russian speaking citizens, the seizure of official structures by the armed groups, moral and physical terror, unpunished activity of vandals destroying the sculptures of prominent Soviet figures, the Great Patriotic War soldiers who fought with the Fascists, led to demonstrations in the Eastern and Southern Ukraine. People tried to defend their constitutional rights.

The right-Nazi government accused these citizens of “terrorism” and “separatism” and commenced the so-called Antiterrorist Operation. In fact this is no Antiterrorist operation – this is a punitive operation, an atrocious war against its own people with the use of tanks, airplanes, multiple rocket launchers, other banned means of war conduct.

This war took away lives of thousands; more than ten thousands of civilians and soldiers are wounded; more than a hundred thousand citizens are left without houses; many more are seeking asylum. The industry, social infrastructure (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and life support systems) are being destroyed. The radical chauvinists call for complete eradication of people living in the region. The actions undertaken by the government are in fact completing the radicals’ mission: Kiev has organized a blockade of regions which it factually does not control. The government refuses to pay pensions; it has seized the activity of the banks serving the population; stopped the functioning of industrial factories. These measures are destined to economically suppress the region and include elements of genocide against its own people.

The current government, which came into power after a coup, is fully responsible for the situation in the East, country’s disunity, as well as the loss of Crimea.

There is an atmosphere of absolute lawlessness and arbitrariness in the country. The bourgeois state is incapable of securing the law and order, guaranteeing the basic rights, security of the citizens’ lives, or safety of the legal entities. Armed raider attacks on factories have become common; bandits are assaulting citizens, ruining their houses and property.

Never before have we seen such a cynical attitude towards the Constitution and the law from the government which has declared itself to be democratic, lawful and social.

Speaking of lustration. It is a perfect example of the monstrous cynics and lawlessness, outrage to the world recognized citizens’ rights. Ostensibly it is used to fight corruption and other criminal activity. In fact, it is an effective measure to eliminate political opponents avoiding courts.

The totalitarian nature of this regime is most visible in the ideological sphere. Factually, the current official ideology in the country is a Nazi version of Nationalism. A new unprecedented anticommunist psychosis has engulfed the society.

The aim has officially been declared – to eliminate the Communist party from the Ukraine’s political scene. A rude example of constitutional violation is the dissolution of the Communist faction in the Parliament. The lack of evidence did not stop the government accusing the Communist party, its leader and numerous members of aiding terrorists and separatists. The government initiated shameful litigations against the Communist party; the party members, which are held in custody, are assaulted and tortured. Those in power are set to ban the Communist party. The attempts to prohibit the Communist ideology are taking place in the Parliament.

A loud informational terrorist campaign has been deployed to falsify the history of the country, to eradicate everything that reminds the country of the Soviet past, which is being portrayed as a continuous process of endless repressions, famine, and violation of human rights.

Such terms as “The Great Patriotic War”, “Soviet Nation”, “Friendship of Peoples” are being removed from school and university books. The reason behind this is simple – the government tries to distract nation’s attention from the disastrous situation in the country during the last 24 years.

The current official policy includes a review of The Great Patriotic War results, rehabilitation and heroization of Fascists’ henchmen, who committed atrocities towards the civil citizens – the Poles. Russians, Jews, and others.

The fact that the Ukrainian, American and Canadian delegations voted against the UN resolution condemning manifestations of Nazism and Fascism caused deep indignation in our society, in the democratic world.

The anti-popular government, our political and ideological opponents “bravely” fought against the Communist Party entering the Parliament during the snap elections. The reason is hardly surprising: those in power are trying to deprive the working class of a reliable representation in the Parliament, attempting to unfold a new attack on the legal rights and interests of the proletariat in order to secure the interests of their Atlantic masters.


Acting in such circumstances the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine – which is carrying out the decisions of the 44th and the subsequent conferences – directs the activity of our party, all of its structures, parliamentary factions, on inculpation of the anti-popular and antinational nature of the current capitalistic restoration; on countering the attack on the vital interests of the working people; on strengthening of the party.

During the reporting period more than 31 thousands of new members joined the party, 55% of which are under the age of 45. A professional party schooling on a local and regional level has been initiated. A training of new cadres has been conducted in the Party School — more than 900 Communists graduated. New forms of party organizations’ political practice have been introduced.

Informational capabilities of the party have been widened. A new informational complex has been created.

A vigorous publishing activity has been deployed. An organization of systematic researches of actual theoretical and practical problems of Socialism struggle has contributed to the creation of the Institute of Socialism Problems of the Central Committee. The scientists have prepared a number of research-papers which were positively assessed. A tutorial devoted to the basis of party building has become a significant contribution to the party active.

A renewed party Program adopted by the 44th Communist Party Conference has provided new opportunities for the political and scientific aspects of the party’s functioning and strengthened the political hardening of the party members.

This represents great importance since the party is accepting members representing a younger generation which – due to obvious circumstances – is deprived of the right to receive the Leninist-Marxist preparation.

Unfortunately, many party organizations did not provide systematic education of the Communists. The ideological and political level of preparation has decreased. This has led to the weakening of class approach to complex, contradictory processes taking place in the society. In some places we can see the spread of conformism and practicalism, tolerance towards violation of party discipline and ethics.

Among some of the party members exists and illusion of social reforms; some overestimate the importance of the parliamentary activity.

Many party organizations still work weakly and lack tangible influence on the sentiments of people, including representatives of the working class and youth. During the reporting period we did not witness noticeable shifts in completion of serious tasks set during previous conferences – to provide systematic Communist influence in trade unions, veteran and other massive organizations of the working people, to radically improve Komsomol’s work. There are still no members from the majority of working collectives, even the big ones, inside educational institutions.

We can see how the anticommunist hysteria combined with terror against the party leaders and attempts of the neo-Nazi government to ban the Communist party has shown erratic nature of some of the opportunistic party members. Some even betrayed the party. People are leaving the party and refusing to cooperate.

The blame rests on the local and regional party committees’ leadership; unsatisfactory process of organization and control of the implementation of the party decisions among all of the party links including the Central Committee; serious deficiencies in working with cadres; lack of reliable reserves for nomination; formalism in the party’s apparatus; dangerous weakening of party’s discipline and exactingness; low level of criticism and factual absence of self-critique.

All this requires from the party organizations and committees to adopt urgent measures and improve the situation.


Despite the fact that the 49th conference of the Communist party of Ukraine on the whole approves the political course of the Central Committee and considers the practical activity to be satisfactory, at the same time it would like to note that during the reporting period the Central Committee, its Presidium and Secretariat produced a number of serious errors and flaws which negatively affected the party’s activity, its influence in the society.

A serious tactic mistake which has been used by our political opponents is that the Communist party – which condemned Yanukovich’s drift in foreign policy, criticized his failure to meet the electorate’s expectations as well as the Left Bloc’s, factually created an internal opposition inside the parliamentary coalition (the majority) with the Party of Regions — had never left it.

The inclusion of the former head of the Customs into the candidates for the parliament list, his nomination as the first deputy of the chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine, his election as a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and its Presidium, are direct consequences of the loss of political vigilance which had once taken place inside the party.

Later on it became clear that this man had been masterly hiding his true face. He tried using his party membership and trust of the leaders as a means of career development. He even managed to find accomplices among the Communist faction members and the Presidium, who joined a deputy group, supported by one of the oligarchs and tried to split the party.

This attempt was unsuccessful: during the Plenum of the Central Committee the Communists condemned the actions of the dissenters, who tried to conquer the party by elimination of its leadership, making changes to its Program, and turn it into a liberal political force serving the interests of definite bourgeois groups.

The conference approves the decisiveness and energy with which the Central Committee and the Central Control Commission prevented the dissenters’ intention to split the party. Nicely done!

Nevertheless, this story is a serious warning. As Lenin once said, the unity of the party as a whole, the strengthening of its fighting efficiency, is the primary task.

The conference also believes it to be necessary to attract attention to the[p1] necessity of strengthening the collective basis, realization of personal responsibility for activities of the leading party structures, including the Presidium and the Secretariat, and increasing the role of the Central Committee Plenums.

The current situation in the country as well as inside the party requires constant attention to the process of membership filtration, inclusion of youth, ensuring its political hardening on day-to-day basis as well as its realization of the high duties of the Communist party member, its responsibility for the revolutionary movement, clearing the party of dissenters who try to split it up as well as those party members whose amoral behavior and passiveness damages the party’s authority in the masses.

In today’s conditions it is of utter importance to activate the work of the primary organizations, to master the usage of effective forms of dealing with the masses, to align party tactics in accordance with the development of the political situation in the country as well as the completion of program goals. The radicalization of the party’s activity is an urgent matter:

Taking into account the danger that our party is facing, the conference entrusts the newly elected Central Committee to monitor constantly the development of the political situation and take measures operatively in accordance with the current law in order to preserve the readiness of the party structures and cadres.

It is most important to pay close attention to the researches conducted by the Institute of Socialism Problems, to concentrate our efforts on uniting Marxist theoretical forces around the Communist Party, to analyze actual social problems which are related to the attraction of the masses to fight with the anti-popular and antinational regime, to counteract neo-Nazi, Fascist threat, and to resolve matters of transitional phase to Socialism.

It is necessary to appeal to a wider public, to provide argumentation of our principal position on the acute matters of the party’s and the country’s functioning. For instance, we need to clearly state our attitude towards the situation in the Eastern Ukraine; federalization and specifics of every region; Ukraine’s membership in EU, Eurasian Union and NATO; matters that concern social, national and international aspects as well language, culture, religion, interfaith questions; necessity to self-equip with all forms of political fight.

When discussing these problems, one should follow the provisions of the Party Program and the Political Report of the 49th Central Committee Conference.


The conference emphasizes that the Program goals of the Communist Party of Ukraine which include the seizure of the power by the working class, return to the socialist path of development, unification of the brotherly people of the criminally destroyed Soviet Union on new basis, strengthening of international relations with all of the divisions of the world Communist movement, first and foremost with the brother parties which are members of the Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union are left unchanged.

An urgent matter of today’s phase is the need to remove the most reactionary division of comprador Ukrainian bourgeoisie, help Ukraine to recover from a deep, systematic crisis; to prevent the country’s split.

It is necessary to fight back the slander which is circulated by the bosses of the anti-popular government, our ideological and political opponents, who try to present our party as the “antinational force”. Our compatriots should know that the Communist Party of Ukraine has always been a deeply patriotic force which is consequently protecting the interests of the country, the working class.

It was the Communist Party of Ukraine which had created Ukraine as an independent state with the biggest territory and population in its history, which had the most developed economy, science and culture, one of the highest living standards in the world.

The congress invokes the party organizations, all Communists to unfold preparation for remarkable historic events – the 70th anniversary of the Soviet people victory against the Fascist Germany during the Great Patriotic War and 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution — to use them as a means of propaganda of the Soviet soldiers’ heroic acts and bravery, prominent achievements of the Soviet peoples in building new life. We need to resurrect and preserve historic truth.

Our party is living through the most responsible period in its history. The 49th Communist Party conference expresses its assurance that the Communists of Ukraine will endure the current hardships with honor and will eventually win the fight for the Socialism establishment.


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