Aymeric Monville  writes
A user of the Sorbonne University’s Pierre Mendé’s France Library recently proposed to a librarian that the library acquire the French edition of Stalin’s Wars: From World War to Cold War 1939-1953 by Geoffrey Roberts, professor at the University of Cork in Ireland and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
The book was published in French in 2014 by Editions Delga, and originally published in English in 2006 by Yale University Press.
The proposal received the following response: “The proposed work, although it was written by a university professor, does not in principle seem to us to display the historical and scientific neutrality required for it to be included on our shelves. Nor do the other books published by the same publishing house.”
It appears that, in the past, the library had accepted all Editions Delgas books concerning philosophy and Marxism but has suddenly banned its books about the USSR, including the French edition of  Socialism Betrayed by Roger Keeran and a book of the recently deceased hero of the Algerian War of Independence, Henri Alleg. 
In the sad context of fascination in Europe, professor of history Annie Lacroix-Riz,   professor of engineering Godefroy Clair, and I have launched a petition that 1200 people have already signed. 
Here is the site where you can find the petition: http://www.historiographie.info/
Aymeric Monville is editor in chief, Editions Delga, Paris



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