By Manlio Dinucci writing in Il Manifesto, Italian daily newspaper

Translated by Mark Burton

This spring the United States will begin training and arming the Ukrainian National Guard: this was officially confirmed by the European Command of the United States that stated that the program is part of the initiative of the Department of State to assist Ukraine in implementing “internal defense.”

The funding, already authorized by Congress, comes from a special fund from the Pentagon and the State Department to “provide training and equipment to foreign security forces,” so that “the partner countries may confront important challenges to the national  security of the United States.”

The training mission in Ukraine serves to “demonstrate US commitment to the security of the Black Sea and the value of the US forces deployed in forward positions.”

The units of the National Guard of Ukraine, according to rough estimates, number 45-50 thousand including volunteers, will be trained by US military instructors in Yavoriv near Lviv, about 50 km from the Polish border.

The National Guard, established by the government in Kiev in March 2014 with an initial funding of US $ 19 million, has incorporated Neo-Nazi military formations, already trained by NATO instructors for the putsch of Kiev (as shown in a photographic documentation of militant Neo-Nazis trained in Estonia in 2006 [1]). The Donbass, Azov, Aidar, Dnepr1, Dnepr2 and other battalions, that are the shock forces of the National Guard, are made up of both Neo-Nazi Ukrainians, and Neo-Nazis from other European countries.

The atrocities they have committed against civilians of Russian nationality are widely documented by video and eyewitness testimony (just type in Google “atrocities of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine”). But, despite the fact that Amnesty International has accused the government of Kiev of  being responsible for war crimes committed by these battalions, the US continues to support this regime, even giving it armored vehicles. The United States government now empowers Kiev with a  training program and more armaments.

These actions fall within the ”Operation Atlantic Resolve “, launched by the European Command of the United States military to “reassure our allies, in face of the Russian intervention in Ukraine, and as a deterrent to prevent Russia gaining regional hegemony. In the framework of the growing deployment of US forces in Eastern Europe, the Pentagon sent “military experts to enhance the defensive capacity of Ukraine” and pledged an additional $ 46 million to provide “military equipment, including vehicles and night vision goggles.”

Washington is therefore already arming the forces of Kiev, even though Kiev is not actually receiving heavy weapons from the US, it may obtain them in any case from  the millions of dollars given to the Kiev regime. All this while Germany, France and Italy say they support a diplomatic solution and therefore are against the provision of arms to Kiev.

But at the same time at a summit in Brussels, these countries committed, along with Britain, Spain and Poland, to take on more responsibility in the formation of a NATO “Strike Force”, in the framework of a “Response Force”, made up of 13 to 30 thousand men and equipped by six centers of command and control in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. While the US, in preparation for the summit in Minsk on Ukraine (which deliberately did not participate), stated, though the Secretary of State,  that among the allies “there are no divisions, we all agree that there can be no military solution. ”

But at the same time, training and arming the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, the US fans the flames of war in the heart of Europe.

Source:  Il Manifesto (Italy)


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