The Communist Party is to complain to the Electoral Commission that advertising giant JC Decaux has failed to erect its election posters despite money changing hands.

Tax the rich is the stark and uncompromising slogan. But in a handful of constituencies, and weeks into the campaign, the Communist Party’s election posters have yet to appear.

The comrades’ hard-earned cash to pay for the appearance of these massive 48-sheet advertising hoardings has vanished. And in several working class neighbourhoods where they have appeared the posters have attracted admiring comments and won broad agreement.

But in Merthyr Tydfil and Croydon the posters have not appeared and the message is not getting through.

Communist party leader Rob Griffiths (above), who is standing in Merthyr Tydfil, says: “Communists are used to be discriminated against. Being blacklisted off the job or denied coverage in the media is one thing but this is a simple capitalist exchange. We paid for these sites, we produced the posters but it appears that transnational advertising conglomerate JC Decaux feels free to pocket our money and fail to fulfil their side of the agreement.”

The party’s national election agent Martin Levy has written to the contractors demanding action. He said: “There can only be three possible explanations:

a) double booking by the media owners, secondly,

b) Incompetence in the posting chain

c) Deliberate non-posting, for political or commercial reasons.

“The longer this goes on, the more inclined I am towards the last-mentioned”


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